Don't forget your Insulin!

Last night, I forgot to take my Insulin before dinner and 2 hours later, my b.s. was 293! I went ahead and took my Insulin and this morning it was 82. Before lunch today, my b.s. was 223. Did I do the right thing by going ahead and taking my Insulin even 2 hours after dinner? I feel off today…hate that. This disease is such a struggle…

You did the right thing. Coming down from a high often results in a roller coaster effect. Sometimes its best to take a reduced dose of insulin to bring the bg back slowly. How did you calculate your insulin? Did you take what you would have taken if you’d bolused before eating? Probably a mistake. When this has happened to me, I knock my dose down by a unit to avoid the rebound/roller coaster effect.


Yes. Always best to bring highs down as soon as you can by knowing how much to take. I’ve forgotten to take insulin & sure most have.

You did the right thing. But I’ve noticed with me, when I forget and then chase a high, the next day is a roller coaster ride for some reason. But when it is high, I take a correction bolus, not how much I’d have taken with the meal. Sometimes it works better than others.

I have been on a roller coaster since I forgot my Insulin before dinner on Monday night. I woke up at 11:00pm last night and my BG was 56! Scary! It was 203 today before lunch, so I took 6 units of Novolog and 2 hours later it was 67! I’m so glad I am seeing my endo tomorrow. I’m sure I need to be on the pump.