Don't judge a diabetic

Don’t judge a diabetic by how many times they test.

  • my mom went to go pick some test strips up for me and the lady at the pharmacy said, “WOW. why does she need so many?! is her sugars out of control?!” thank goodness i wasn’t there or else i would have blown a lid.

share your lines and release some stress :slight_smile:


wow…what an ignoramus…let’s hope it was actually just some part time clerk and not the actual pharmacist.

Don’t judge a diabetic on how they look - people always assume you have to be over weight to have diabetes…or that because I’m skinny my diabetes is going away.


I get that frequently also because I’m thin. And people also ask if I used to be overweight:) I was so annoyed with one person that I told her, “yea, I’ve lost 150 lbs. in two months.”


What a moron! What an unprofessional thing to say. Wonder what she says when people buy condoms:)

People assume my diabetes is bad because I have an insulin pump.

When I first got diabetes, I remember at the pharmacy the clerk said “didn’t you just get test strips a few days ago??” and " You sure go through them fast!", I said " yeah I do, because I want to live!"

Don’t sweat it my endo’s nurse said the same thing to me over the phone. I wanted to drive straight over there and bust some heads.

I’m having this problem with the pharmacist right now! When my mom told him that I tested about 8 times a day, apparently he sounded so shocked - “flabbergasted” was the word my mom used. I don’t think 8 times a day is too much for me to be testing, especially since I have Type 1. (I hear that Type 2’s don’t necessarily need to test as much. Please tell me if I’m wrong.) Anyway, it’s not the pharmacist’s place to say anything. Their job is to fill the prescription, and that’s it!

Stunned that people have gotten obnoxious remarks from pharmacists, drug counter help & even Dino’s endo’s nurse. Who are they to question or comment on anything! So not their business. Makes you wonder if they comment on other people’s prescriptions, too. There’s supposed to be some discretion, professionalism & confidentiality about personal medical needs.

Man, if anyone made those remarks to me I’d report it to the manager & take it higher up, especially if it was chain drugstore.

Seems that doctors don’t stress testing as much for Type 2’s, though they should. I test 8-10x daily, more if I’m feeling low.

im am 19 and i weigh about 105 and every time i go to a restaurant i order a diet and the waitress looks at me weird like does she need that

I should probably add that the whole test strip situation is likely influenced by insurance companies. They usually dish out enough for five tests a day. Any request for more could cause a red flag.

Since this is what is “normally” prescribed, anything more and the people behind the counter think you’re out of control. Who do you think has more control…some one who checks often or just a few times a day? Personally I check when I wake up, before meals, in between meals, before exercise, during exercise, after exercise, and before I sleep, and maybe a few other times a day just for giggles. Do the people behind the counter have any idea how much work and mental determination it takes for a Type 1 to keep our sh1t between 80 - 120 every minute of every day? Of course they don’t.

Ironic isn’t it…the more strips we use, the more control we’ll have, and the fewer complications we’d get in the long run. But I guess that’s not what they care about, since diabetic complications = big $$$. Ever think about that?

So f*ck those people and their opinions, especially since they work in the medical field. They couldn’t walk a day in our shoes so keep your heads up betics!

Dino, I second that!!!

You hit this so dead on. In NYC, most of the people behind the pharmacy counter don’t even know where the test strips are or the difference between the various brands, so I do not need to worry about it when I go in and buy them over the counter.

But, Dino, you are absolutely right – the medical and insurance industry would far prefer to pay for fewer test strips now and less education through CDEs and nutritionists, but more super expensive medical procedures later on in our lives (they probably hope we will all be on Medicare before they have to pay a lot for those procedures) resulting from complications arising from poor control.

ah yes, my parents have went to get me more test strips several times.
i have been called “psychotic” for testing 7 times a day.
which i really don’t think is that much.

don’t judge a diabetic if they just want some damn cake!