Don't let the fear of the highs and lows, keep you from trying

In the end of the day, you have a choice.. You have to choose what is important and what is worth fighting for.. Although I didn't choose diabetes, it chose me. There are some things I have chose, but I have to decide what is worth it and what just isn't worth the fight. My health is my top priority and keeping my diabetes in control is something I will continue to fight for. I remember a quote I lived by during my softball years, "Don't let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game". I still find this true with dealing with diabetes. I switch it to, "Don't let the fear of the highs and lows keep you from trying". I think too often the highs and lows discourage us, which with my new outlook, I feel like it gives me a bigger push to try that much harder.

Lately I have been pulverized by lows and then on a rollercoaster due to other health problems. Unstable blood glucose makes everything hurt worse and I get fatigued. It would be easy to get overwhelmed, but you are right. You never realize what good things are around the corner if you don't try for them. Pain comes and goes. Life is good.

I don't think any of us Diabetes Peeps deserves discouragement even from ourselves. I have had major depressive periods when not doing so well. I've learned to not let that ever dissuade my positive disposition in regard to all the advances continually being made in Diabetes Research and Treatment.

I'm a huge fan of Actual Roller Coasters and High G forces but I shouldn't need to tell my body It's not a Theme Park 6-Flags, Bush Gardens or Disney.

Thanks's for sharing the quote Mekenzie.