Don't Text and Drive/ An Excellent Video

Warning:This viideo is not suitable for children! It is for everyone who drives. Even if you don’t text whilr driving, your watching this video might tempt you to show it to those who do.

Wow Richard! Thanks for posting this. I have friends that say they text while driving - claiming that it’s “safe” - let alone talking on their cell while driving. Here in the province (Quebec) I live in you can be fined very heavily if caught whilst on your cell (wonder if it applies to texting?) - not that I’ve really noticed much of a change - people still drive talking on their cells - trying to steer their car on a turn with one hand and keep their mind on the road while discussing things - very scary indeed!

Thanks for sharing this Richard. Kinda “spooky”…I sent it to family members and friends.

Thanks Richard for this post. It is a very important message. I suppose we should not be testing blood sugars while driving also, should we? I would think it is the same darn thing. What do you think?

I agree Mike, we should not be doing anytjing that distracts us and takes our attention off our driving. In a tight traffic situation I tell my wife to stop talking because my trying to listen to her and drive is difficult. I cannot seem to ignore her and completely block her out so I insist she be quiet. Sometimes she keeps on talking, once she gets started she has a hard time stopping. LOL!!!

HAHA Richard. I know what you mean. But in fairness, my wife has to tell me to be quiet also because I too can talk. I have to admit, and shame on me for doing this, that I have tested while driving. I have now rethought that and realize that it is not a good idea. I know it was risky in the past, but this kind of hits it home.

On Sunday, I drove past the Good Humor (ice cream) truck, and they guy was texting as he was driving down the street in my neighborhood!

And please people, don’t put on makeup, curl your hair, or try to work on that spreadsheet while driving either!!!