Don'tcha just hate that

I know some people who never, ever forget to bolus. A few years ago I was really bad and used to forget at least several times per month. These days I'm much better and rarely forget.

But this morning, for some reason, I was doing stuff in my room when I suddenly thought, "Oh no, I forgot to bolus for breakfast!"

I had been 6.9 mmol/L (124 mg/dl) before breakfast. I ran out to my meter and tested. It was now three hours later and I was 23.8 (428 mg/dl). Ouch. Definitely forgot to bolus.

I saw my endocrinologist on Friday and it went really well. I love my endocrinologist! He spent an hour with me! We looked over records in detail, but could not spot any patterns. I always find that a bit reassuring. He showed me the Dexcom transmitter and highly recommended I pursue getting one. So I'm going to contact Animas sometime in the coming weeks. He also told me about some supplements I can take for cholesterol rather than trying again to convince me to take medication, which is good. I'll check some of those out. This is the type of stuff I would really like to devote time to when I am done school in a few months, to getting my diabetes and cholesterol under better control (not that my cholesterol is really high, though), and losing weight, and finding some awesome exercise-related goal to do like actually being able to run the Sun Run in 2015.

Jen, I miss the occasional bolus but so far have remembered fairly soon after eating. But I am older and blame it on age, which is not a good thing as I don't need to get worse as I age.

Would like to know what supplements you are checking out for your cholesterol. My LDL is labeled as "borderline high" by webmd when I check my number. I exercise some by walking 3x/week but for now, 2 miles is about my limit. Trying to increase that this year.
I too would check out any supplement before taking it so I would not just "willy nilly" take anything if you feel OK sharing the info. thanks.

My endocrinologist suggested fish oil supplements and red yeast rice, and something else I've actually forgotten. He said I should be able to get both at a health food store or even a pharmacy that has a "health food" aisle.

Jen I tend to forget to bolus when I woudl like to not bolus. Yeah i knwo that is ridiculous but sometimes i get like, yeah I am going to eat this meal and walk out of here an not touch my pump. Then I do not bolus.

I usually forget when I begin eating before bolusing. I just think, "Oh, I'll do it after I finish eating this," and then I forget. That's exactly what happened yesterday.

Totally relate, Jen. Sometimes I take my bolus earlier than I prefer just so I won't forget. If I didn't make myself write it down with a check mark after I bolus, it would happen way too often!

Good stuff about Endo visit !!
I was in the habit of doing an infusion set change well after the due time ( some HI numbers ) and mentioned this " neglect " to Insulin pump Nurse at the Clinic .She asked if I use an iPhone ...unfortunately the phone cannot be set for every second day ( 48 hours ) Instead I set the time change for every day ...and so far it has worked and am close to the point where I actually do remember without the iPhone reminder .. would this plan work for you too ??
You maybe aware ... Team Diabetes does a run in Vancouver sponsored by BMO ...probably not with 50,000 attendees , ha, ha
Both Hubby and I have participated in the 8 km

Up in the middle of the night with a BG of 1.9 ... twice in two weeks?! Once is a fluke, twice is a bit concerning ... But two hours apart so not sure it's basal ...

I think the phone is a great idea for infusion sets (I use mine to remember to water my plants!), but if I had enough patients to stop and set the phone I might as well bolus, since it would take about the same amount of time. :)

I wish the Animas pump had the ability to set reminders in 10-minute increments. It would make setting bolus reminders (or eating reminders if one watned to pre-bolus) so much more possible than the current 30-minute increments do.

The Medtronic has a bolus reminder feature in 1/2 hour increments as well as a BG reminder ...The feature seems similar to what you describe .A 30 minute warninfg is still better than discovering the miss much later . I have a reminder set for breakfast ..if I have not bolussed by 9 am I receive a " warning " .Please note , I am a retiree and may not get up as early as most :) .I aim for bolus-sing close to 30 min prior to eating .

I used to use a Cozmo and that had a bolus reminder, but it didn't require you to go in and "set" any kind of reminder once it was set up. You would tell it to go off if you hadn't programmed in a bolus by X time. I used it and it was great. The Animas doesn't have anything like that. It has a "reminder" that you can set for X time, and I suppose you could just keep it set all the time (it only had two reminders, though, in one hour increments), but they would go off at that time even if you did bolus.