Do's, Don'ts and any other tips!

Hi All— 16 days and counting until I officially start my first podd! Excited, scared, nervous and anxious all wrapped up in the next days before I start. I was diagnosed 2 year ago and I’ve been eating virtually no carbs and just taking a heavy dose of lantus and grazing all day…My endo finally convinced me that my life would be easier with pump therapy and after looking at my options the only one I could come to terms with is the podd. With that being said is there anything that I need to be extra careful about? Injections sites better than others? Do you carry extra podds with you? Appreciate any help…Thanks Much!

Here’s one about being New to the Pod.

Here’s one (of a list of many) about pod placement sites

And here’s a GREAT one w/ lots of posts and info about Tips and tricks.

I would just spend some time (since you’ve got about 2 weeks) to read as many of the discussion posts in the archive that look like they might be useful for you (so maybe bypass the insurance based ones, etc, for now). The group has a LOT of good info in it!
Congrats on switching over from MDI to the pod! I love it, and so do plenty of others in the group. I hope you will too :slight_smile:

Try to just be “EXCITED”… once you learn how to operate it, you’ll be encouraging everyone who’s not pumping yet and have been burdened by injections so many times a day. I was nervous also in the beginning but really more excited about 3 whole days without injecting insulin. AND… not more “Lantus”. Your pump will be programmed by your doctor to inject fast acting insulin in intervals all day long so you won’t even have to think about it.

I always put the pods on my belly, it’s just the easiest for me but when you receive the brochure it shows all the potential sites you can place it. I always carry 2 extra pods, just in case I get lost somewhere. lol

When you first put the pod on there will only be water in it so you can practice while still giving yourself insulin as usual. Your practitioner and his team will work closely with you to program the pump. For a few weeks I wrote down everything I ate along with the carb counts. Actually it was good because I lost some weight and it made me aware of everything I grabbed to eat. It’s a little bit of a learning process but it’s NOT HARD and kind of fun to be honest.

Best of luck to you and I know you’ll be SO happy with it. :slight_smile:

hey schmutz,
i have pretty much the same story, diagnosed about 2 1/2 years ago. i was on my honeymoon period for about a year, so i only took lantus. after i finished that i went on to 3 daily shots of novolog. that really bothered me. i finally got approved for the pod… what a great day that was.
the one big problem i hate about the pod is that if it gets caught on something, it gets pulled off (i put it on my thigh). other than that its really great. i carry a hip pack with all my diabetic stuff. i dont carry an extra pod, i carry my lantus and novolog, hoping ill get home soon to put on a new one. when i travel i dont use my pod (got forbid it got lost). i do carry two sets of BG meters and novolog and lantus in separate carrying bags.
if you work out or exercise you can change the percentage of basal you receive so you dont drop low. i keep forgetting to use that.
well, good luck with it…
its going to take a bit to get used to, your going to have to tweak it till you get it right.

Bradford…Thanks! This is just what I was hoping to get when I joined. I’m going to review the suggestions that you listed. Appreciate your help!

My son was diagnosed 3.5 years ago and has been pumping since August 09. He really has preferred pumping to MDI. He wears his pods on his belly and his lower back/hip area. He would like to add his upper arm but he has NO fat anywhere and has drawn blood and gotten occlusions when he has tried that. He found that his pod tape would loosen when he sweats so he adds a surgical tape and that does the trick.I can’t remember the name of it for the life of me. It is in his room and he’s asleep. I will get it later if you need it.

Dianh…Thanks so much! If I need the name of the tape I’ll let you know. I did wear my test podd on my upper arm for 4 days and it never came off and didn’t have any problems with it sticking. I did not sweat though as I’m in WI and it’s was since we only have about 1 month of true summer I’ll find out what it is like when that happens in August. Thanks for the note! I do know that the podd unit is getting about 45% smaller and I did ask when this would happen with the rep and she couldn’t give me an exact date but thought it would be in 2010 yet…Let’s hope soon and this might help with it staying on better as from what I learned it sounds like there using different batteries and I’m thinking it will weigh less and maybe stay on better…Take Care!