Dose once or two times a day with tresiba?


Thats a nice picture, @Sam19 . Super helpful. Thanks.


I sense a lot of hostility in your responses here and it truly puzzles me.

Just to be clear, let me rephrase this; “FOR ME, waking up with 120 IS too high.”
I aim for non-diabetic numbers as non-diabetics do not develop complications. There are now studies that show that an A1c greater than 5.4, even in non-diabetic population, is a predictor of cardiovascular diseases. Here’s one study.

I choose to not take any risks, especially being T1 for 33 years, I want to minimize any damage possible so I choose to be very tightly controlled and have an A1c below 5%. I feel great and my life quality has improved tremendously as as result. I was even able to reverse some previous complications. I do take relatively small amounts of insulin, and splitting Tresiba has helped me (after lots of trial and error with one dose then split but taken at different times) I was finally able to overcome dawn phenomenon.

I find your criticism very odd, @Sarah97 and unnecessary. I found something that works for me and I’m here to share my experience. I did not ask for your opinion about it. This is an open forum and everyone chooses different ways to handle their diabetes, I was only sharing mine.


I’ve had great success with MDI, but dawn phenom is probably the biggest reason I still consider getting a pump. I have long thought Tresiba dosing did not need splitting or really have much concern about timing, but this makes me think about that again. Is the reason for your split success due to low overall insulin need, specific timing, or some combination of those with other factors … ?


I guess I can’t just separate this one method I use (splitting Tresiba) from everything else I implement in order to tightly control my T1. This month I celebrate my diaversary of 33 years and I have no beta cell function of my own (though I suspect my alpha cells still function somewhat). I eat very low carb (under 30 grams a day), exercise regularly and follow Dr Bernstein’s recommendations in his book Diabetes Solution overall and doing all of this has helped me get a much better handle of my control over time. I have many “tips and tricks” in my arsenal, like not eating 5 hours before bedtime and limiting protein for dinner, but they all go hand-in-hand with eating the way I do and following Dr Bernstein’s regimen.