Double Bolus

I’ve heard about extended double bolus. How the heck can you do it with the omnipod. There are times I would like to but the pod won’t allow it. Am I missing something here??

Hey …this have nothing to do with your question. I have been looking getting the pod and wanted to know how do you like it so far?

Love it Jazz. If you have any questions, please let me know and I will be more than happy to discuss your specific questions. Remember, that how everyone handles this issue is up to them, so my perspective is mine and might not be everyone’s.

It’s just the extended bolus feature, taking some up front and then extending the rest for however long. I’ve even done a triple-bolus, which works really well for foods like mixed white/wild rice that I know are going to need more insulin for an hour or an hour and a half, and then keep digesting for 3+ hours. I’ll take a certain amount up front and extend the bolus, and then also set a temp basal, around 25% for 3 hours. It works really well to keep even weird foods like this stable!

Hope that helps. :slight_smile:

And Jazz…I LOVE my OmniPod! So great not having to deal with tubing or worrying about inserting/priming.

Oh, and a square wave bolus is where you do an extended bolus for the whole dose, taking 0 units up front. Really useful for high fat/fiber foods, especially when your sugar’s already on the low side. I use it all the time for things like sugar free full-fat ice cream or plain peanut butter.

Oh thanks Jon and Elizabeth. I have been talking to the people who handles the insulin pumps and they said they have to check with my insurance to see if it will cover the pod. He said not all insurances cover the pod because it’s new. But isn’t it cheaper than a regular insulin pod. I’m hoping that I get approved for it and that I can get it to have better control of my sugars.