Dr bernstein

does the dr bernstein view also advocate pills like metformin?
or is it just very low carbs and insulin all day?
thanks all

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Starting with eating low carb as your sort of base of operations, Dr B “advocates” for whatever keeps your numbers consistently within normal ranges—LOL. Also, like many of us, he’s definitely not in favor of wild swings…

If metformin and/or insulin help you do that, then of course, employ those in pursuit of your personal well-being.

I’m a T2 and thanks to eating very low carb, I’m not in need of any meds, yet. When the time comes that diet and exercise don’t work anymore, I’ll decide what to add next…

Read his book, @anon125

He treats many patients with metformin but prefers the brand name Glucophage as he believes it to be more potent and effective than the generic kinds. He writes about this extensively in his book, even goes on saying when and why someone might need it and why they might need the XR (slow release) vs the regular kind.

Of course the diet doesn’t replace the need for medication, though it might help reduce overall use by decreasing the dose over time if BG levels become too low.

Low carb is just another tool you use for achieving better control, just like medication or insulin, one doesn’t necessarily replace the other.


thanks for your help