Dr. Cousens Cure for Diabetes....Raw foods

She takes a B complex and iron which has helped the anemia. And she does have a dietician at school, but in the end, she has to make the decisions and make daily choices in the dining hall.

FRUITCAKE!!! Sorry to take a shi* in her Easter basket, along w/ Dr. Cousens, but there’s no food that will ever cure type I DM. There’s no holistic remedy that will ever be the magic cure either. It’s sad to think some people will believe almost anything… Tell your 12 yr old son to stick w/ what his endocrinologist advises.

Some schools have become quite good at providing vegetarian meals that have complete sources of protein. Of course, with college students, whether or not they actually choose to eat the healthier meals instead of a typical college diet of junk food is…well…like you said, she has to make the choices and she doesn’t have any say in what the dining hall serves. If she’s a strict vegan and vegetarian meal for the day is vegetable lasagna made with mozzarella, well, I guess she’s stuck with just a salad if she’s still going to eat in the dining hall!

Of course if you eat less carbs than you will need less insulin. But don’t say “cure”, that should be illegal.
Here is another interesting thread on this here https://forum.tudiabetes.org/topics/insulin-dependent-to-diet?id=583967%3ATopic%3A759000&page=1#comments from a Tudiabetes member. I would like to hear an update on this member but I doubt I will.
Even if the raw thing did cure T1 (which I highly doubt) I might actually stick to my insulin instead of eating raw. I love a good burger, blueberry muffin, and ice cream cone every once and a while.
I knew a non diabetic friend that tried the raw diet and wound up getting worms which wouldn’t have happened if the veggies were steamed!

Ages ago a health “expert” told me I could cure my diabetes if I consumed nothing but wheatgrass juice. He called that a cure! Many people propose the health of raw food diets, but not to “cure” diabetes. Nothing does that. Eating NOTHING but raw foods is quite a task just about anywhere in U.S. Here in New England for sure. Follow a reasonable diet for your location and life. Just that is hard enough.
“Belief” does not belong in health care.

Raw foods maybe, eliminating foods that aggravate his immune system maybe… it is certainly worth considering and researching. There are many similar “theories” and “programs” related to food. It is a choice you have to make, and a commitment that has to be made to change the diet and maintain. Diabetes doesn’t just happen in one day… the autoimmune time bomb ticks for a while… Any attempt to try and recover his body would not necessarily happen right away.

Below are some other sites that might be of interest… might give you hope if you wish to help him explore the possibility of managing diabetes naturally. At the very least, he could be exposed to better eating habbits and in the long run that is good for everyone. (not just diabetics) At 12 years of age, he may understand and decide if he wants to make that commitment.

I know with my 8 year old, he is not there yet. Maybe when he is a little older… So we just try to be as healthy as possible. We mostly eliminated DAIRY, for which Zack does show an allergy.

We did an IGG food allergy test, which shows food sensitivities that you don’t notice because it can take days to have a reaction. You don’t connect it to the food. IGGs are not an immediate life threat. They chip away at the stone. IGA is the anaphylactic -immediate allergic response- like nut, shellfish, which are common. Lots of diabetics have gluten and dairy at the top of the IGG food allergy list.

Anyway… see below… we are still on our journey… best of luck on yours!

This site “Children’s House of Natural Medicine”…
( a new site /organization… a spin off of something else) Emphasis is on how food can aggravate your immune response- particularly gluten and dairy. Kim the founder, had another site at one time where all parents blogged and communicated)

This site belongs to the Doctor that Kim (founder above) used with her daughter.


Here are the case studies related to TYPE 1

The second, CASE 40 is about a boy who ate the RAW FOOD diet…

Case History 32 - Type 1 diabetes
Case History 32: Type 1 diabetes: A 3 y/o child had been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes by medical doctors. Blood sugar was 304. Insulin had been initiated.
Because of a conscientious mother who would not accept this medical conclusion, other alternatives were investigated. Testing in our offices indicated sensitivity to wheat and similar grains and dairy.
With the proper diet, including strict avoidance of these offending foods, the child’s blood sugar values have returned to normal and no insulin is being used. The child no longer has diabetes. (note: From a scientific perspective, we should allow for the possibility of other causes for this child’s elevated blood sugar. Other things besides diabetes can cause transitory elevated blood sugar; we must allow for the possibility that an incorrect diagnosis had been given by medical doctors in this case).
An Italian study: Other studies are showing a connection between diabetes and wheat. In an Italian study, 11 children were identified by blood testing as having at least one of three types of autoantibodies associated with diabetes. They were placed on a diet free of wheat and similar grains. After 6 months on this diet, only five children tested positive for these autoantibodies. After a year, none tested positive.

Case History 40 - Type 1 Diabetes
Case History 40: This story is about a young man who actually solved his own diabetes problem. He came to our office because he had heard we know something about diabetes and he wanted to learn more. Our young gentleman was 20 years old. Six years previously he had been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes and since then he had been taking insulin.
This young man decided, without help from doctors, that there must be a reason for diabetes. So, after researching, he changed his diet. He began eating a raw food diet consisting of nuts, seeds, vegetables and seaweed.
Two weeks after starting his raw food diet, his insulin requirement dropped significantly. He added exercise to his program and two weeks later he no longer needed insulin. His blood sugar readings were in the 80’s fasting and approximately 110 after eating (these are normal).
This normal blood sugar continued for 4 months. Pancreatic antibodies which had previously been present could no longer be detected in blood tests. At this point he experimented with the typical American diet, his blood sugar rose, and insulin was again required.
Our young gentleman returned to his raw food diet, his blood sugar returned to normal and he no longer needed insulin.
AK testing in our office indicated sensitivity to grains and dairy, honey, sugar, and nightshades. In our work, we find that grains and dairy are the primary factors in diabetes. His successful dietary treatment of diabetes using a raw food diet already had eliminated grains and dairy, but our testing confirmed for him the wisdom of his decision.
Note for physicians: When a diabetic patient stops insulin, there can be a “honeymoon’ period where blood sugar is normal for a few weeks or months before returning to abnormally high levels. Patients must monitor blood sugar during this time.
Note for all: A wonderful site dedicated to real solutions to diabetes can be found at www.livingwithoutType1.blogspot.com. (this was the old blog/site)

I’ve been eating mostly RAW for over a year now and trust me, it is not a cure for type 1.You need insulin. I’m not 100% RAW now, but I did maintain it for a few months. I did reduce my insulin by half and the health benefits were amazing.

I know of Dr. Cousens and I have even watched the movie about Reversing Diabetes.

Based on what I know and have experienced, there would be no way I could do it at the age of 12! It is hard. All I could think about at that age was eating pizza and going to the mall with friends. Yes, it is rewarding but I think there is a lot more to life than nibbling on seeds and juicing when you’re a teen.

A type 1 diabetic’s pancreas may be producing some insulin at the time of diagnosis, but soon thereafter will not be producing any at all. Nothing will cause the pancreas to start producing insulin again. A diet may reduce the amount of insulin needed by injection, but taking less insulin that way is not going to cause any insulin to be produced by the pancreas. There is no cure for type 1 diabetes. I have had type 1 diabetes for 65 years and am very healthy. Good control can enable a diabetic to have a long, healthy life.

Nope never in my 37 years has a raw food diet cured diabetes. When your insulin dependent like all Type 1’s are Nothing but insulin will work. My mom tried everthing to make me stop being a diabetic and NOTHING worked

I know this post is long since past but I really hope something was done. That is not appropriate for the bio-mother to be pushing a treatment for diabetes that is in no way shown to cure in lieu of proper insulin doses and glucose management. If she is not blocking him from these resources I do not believe it would constitute a founded investigation however making a referral to your local child welfare intake may be a way to get some kind of supportive services in cases like this. I work for Children’s Administration in WA. and every state is different but we definitely do run across cases regarding medical neglect including ones involving kids with T1D. I hope this turned out alright and your son is safely on his insulin routine. His bio-mother needs some education and needs to be aware that she could kill her son with that complete lunacy.

tell her newsflash…no…if all i had to do was eat raw foods do you think i would keep waking up every morning and drag myself to the bathroom where i keep my needles only to painfully inject myself with a dull needle just to live a few hours or days more…

people that push these cure diets for type one diabetes thinking T1 and T2 have no difference should be brought up on attempted murder charges, leading people into death with false hope( oh yeah all that muscle your loosing that, well thats just part of the diet, not your body eating itself alive cause it has no insulin)

i’d show her the starvation diets preinsulin we diabetics used to try to live a little longer on, and modernize it which would actually draw out the suffering even longer because at least now we now which foods raise blood sugar more quickly, slow and agonizing…

there was a girl recently whom for some reason parents believe in god, and the same god that gave their daughter diabetes they thought all they had to do was pray and that same god that gave her this disease would take it away, they were charged in the death of the child because they refused to get her basic simple care, because god didn’t like man’s medicine???

i would hate to inform you but things outside of diabetes can raise your blood sugar coorect, buut that doesn’t mean you have diabetes it ust means there was a high blood sugar recoreded which high and low blood sugars happen naturaly in all people diabetes or not…

diabetes was never the ailment but yet you choose to pick that as the disease why???

wheat diary and whatever illict things like nightshade you choose to list,

i would contend the body only has a limited number of signals to show distress and it is our job to deciher those signals to the best of our abilites but to just say one symptom is the disease a,b,c i think is assinine

It seems to me that if a person continued insulin therapy and changed his diet by adding a lot of raw food, they soon find out if they might be able to reduce the amount of insulin they take. It wouldn’t be necessary to go cold turkey.

I am so proud of you, Richard, and hope to see you make it to the 75-year medal! You are one of my diabetes heroes! :slight_smile: