Dr. John Nichols/Greenville SC - Fertility Specilist - Invetro

I just wanted to let anyone know in my area of Greenville, SC.. if your having trouble getting pregnant to please go see Dr. Nichols in Greenville, SC. He is wonderful and such a high success rate. I had been trying to get prego on my own for years and finally giving up. God placed Dr. Nichols in my lap! TUJ!! My little ones name is Sarah Nichole from Sarah and Abraham in the Bible and Nichole from Dr. Nichols that helped get her here. She is an invetro baby and is now healthy 7 year old and such a blessing in my/our lives! THANK you again so much DR. Nichols!! His contact info is http://www.pregonline.com/nichols.php. He and his entire staff are wonderful!! ;) Sheri and proud Mom! Good luck and blessings to you all out there that are trying. I know exactly what you are going through and it is very, very, very hard!!! I actually came to the point when I found out I could not be a Mom that I could have cared less if my life continued. TUJ that GOD and Dr. Nichols changed that for me and my family!!! ;) Never happier!! It was always my dream to be a mother!

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