Dr prescribed Methylprednisone

I’m on my 3rd week of an upper respiratory illness. Yesterday the Doc prescribed Methylprednisone pack and a new antibiotic.

My bg has been really high today…170’s. I looked it and saw that methlpred can cause bg to go up.
I am questioning taking my medicine before bed…

steroids will definitely raise your BG…since its a pack Im assuming you’ll only be on it a few days though right?
I wouldnt “not take” the meds as they will definitely help with the upper respitatory issues you are having - steroids do amazing things eventhough they much our BG’s like crazy. lol

Personally, I’d just watch my BG’s a little closer - if you are on insulin be prepared to need a little bit more.
I’m on a low dose of prednisone every day because of my Stills Disease and its does considerable things to my BG’s but I’m on it constantly so my insulin rates work with the meds but in your case it will only be a few days, so Id do damage control with the BG’s so you can get the upper respiratory infection outta there and you can get back to normal :slight_smile:

That is one of the side effects of steroids. Even those diabetics that do not take insulin may have to use a sliding scale during steroid therapy. Monitior your sugars and if it gets too high call you Dr. If you are on a dose pack the dose should be tapering off every day but you still need to watch because the effect will build for a couple of days before wearing off. You will finish your pack in 5-7 days depending on what has been prescribed, figure on monitoring for at least 10 days. You can take the med because of this accumilative effect. It is not one that will increase it for a couple of hours and then wear off fast, it will take days to leave your system.

I was bad and just quit taking them. But…I am thinking I’ll start back because I am tired of being sick. It just freaked me out for my bg to just climb like that…I cant always just drop what I’m doing and go walk.

Suzanne why don’t you call your doc and discuss it. If you are really worried about the high sugars and your doc feels like youreally do need the prednisone then why don’t you see if you can use a sliding scale insulin during the treatment?