Dr. Who?

I was at my Doctor today and mentioned that I have been reading for some time Dr Bernsteins The Diabetes Solution and his response was Dr Who? I told him he is to diabetics like Dr Jarvick was to the heart. Common man…

He was curious about it and told him he should read it and he would have more insight with his patients. He was concerned with his own health because his father ended up being diabetic so I peaked his interest.

One thing funny though he didn’t agree with the ADA and said no way would he want his A1C in the 6’s.

On a positive note he is willing to work with me on achieving my A1C goals. I subscribe to Dr Bernstien’s website and he says often a GP is better for T-2s for achieving goals than many endo’s. ie getting on insulin quicker to achieve goals!

Blood pressure was normal today so that was a good thing and I am off one of my BP meds now that I never liked…YHAAAAA

Way to go, Pauly! :slight_smile:

sounds like a damn good doctor…

I love to hear when people are secure in the knowledge they have about themselves. Good on you.

Sounds great! My doctor strongly disagreed with Dr. B, although I also find his argument convincing (though I don’t follow his diet).