I have a question for you all out there. I live in Lincoln, NE we have only 2 Endo’s in the city, one doesn’t take anymore diabetics and from what I have heard isn’t that great. The other I used to treat with and now he has way way to many patients. I would sit in the waiting room for 2.5 hours before even getting back to a tx room to see him. A total visit with him would be like 5 minutes. I am currently treating with a GP who works with a lot of diabetics, but I am starting with the Minimed CGM system and would like some one with more knowledge. Does anyone out there tx with and internist? Or do you all tx with Endos?

I am feeling stupid too…I am going to ask her what it means…

So sorry, I am a nursing student and we abbreviate every and I mean EVERYTHING. tx means treat or treatment. Sorry.

Pretty sure it means treatment or treated…

I think if you can get a good Endo then that is your best bet obviously. But in your case it sounds like your choices are very limited. Personally I have actually had better luck with Internists and am actually going to one now. I think if you can find a good Internist you will be fine. Just make sure they understand and work with other diabetics on insulin pumps. I had an Internist that I really liked but once I started on an insulin pump she told me she would prefer I see an Endo for my diabetes care because she didn’t feel comfortable enough with her knowledge of insulin pumps. I appreciated her honesty and still went to her for everything else and went to the Endo as needed. What about going to a CDE to help get you started on it? You could go to this site and put in your city and state and pull up D. educators.
Good luck!!

I have been pumping for about 5 yrs, and just now upgrading to the CGM. I am going to get my CGM training from the local Minimed rep. I used to have an awesome APRN who did all the pump set ups and worked with all the pumpers treating with my old endo but she is no longer working with diabetics, she is more of a GP, APRN now if that makes sense. I have been told to visit with a few Internists here in town who are good, otherwise I may have to travel to Omaha about an hour away to find an Endo.

Thanks for everyones input.

thanks, learn something new everyday! lol

What about the Univ hospital? I used to live in Fremont, NE. So that’s only about 50 miles north of Lincoln. I would think that the University would have a bunch of endos since it’s a teaching hospital. When I was hospitalized in my freshman year of college with severe DKA (BG of 932) I was sent there via life flight. And right after I was stabilized, I was chewed out by some old crotchety endo ( I swear he was 90 years old! LOL) for not taking care of myself. But I was young , dumb, and invincible right? It’s worth checking it out!

Thanks for your post. That is pretty funny about getting the old crabby doc. I actually found a doc @ Bergen Mercy hospital in Omaha, that works with the Diabetic Educators of the Midlands so I will see how he does and go from there.