Dreaming of Dexcom

This morning I woke up from a dream tha aside from some bizarre elements (e.g., suddenly having roomates) I really thought I had the 7 plus... I remember flipping through the screens (showing whether the trend was for the past hour, 2, 3, 6, 12, or 24 hours)... trying to find the remote in my bed and then thinking I should have listened to the suggestion about placing it on a nightstand (not sure if in real life this was the better way...) and then reviewing the overnight record... which for some reason swung from the 500s down to the 20s (making it more a nightmare than dream...) but feeling really excited that now I could really know what was going on throughout the day.....and then waking up...

For a few moments after waking up I actually looked for the CGM remote...and then realized that it was just a dream :(

I think this came from all the preparation and thinking and researching I've been doing, especially because I'm meeting with my endo this Friday (in part to discuss this and to get her to sign the paperwork)...It's only my 3rd visit...so I also want to see her reaction to it (whether she is receptive, apathetic, against) because it says a lot about their overall take on how to manage D.

Hopefully by next month the dream will be reality (at least having the dexcom...not the crazy swings in BS!)

The dream represents that Dexcom is on its way. Keep doing whatever you are doing!

X, I don’t know how long you’ve been living with D, but I know for me, the Dex is the realization of a dream. I think it is for a lot of us long term PWD, It’s helped me so mch, I have so much confidence now before driving, or going out shopping, or stepping into a meeting, a quick look at the receiver, a quick adjustment, and I have a bit of peace of mind. If your Dr is not supportive, find another, the longer I use it, the more I realize how I was truly at the mercy of my BG, never quite realizing which direction I was headed in, Dex is making me a master at a combo bolus, and I’m learning how to conquor the dreded 2 hr after meal spike.

Good Luck, It’s a great tool in managing our disease, which helps us tremendously in managing our lives!