Dress Up Your Diet...... Stella Style!

Two of my biggest life changing decisions took place in August 2002 while visiting Seattle, Washington. First, I accepted my best friend’s proposal of marriage. Second (a result of the first), my official weight loss battle began. The minute I returned home I joined Weight Watchers and picked a date (yes, in that order). It also seems that somewhere in this same period of time I began accumulating an obnoxious cookbook collection. I feel like I have every Weight Watchers cookbook known to mankind. Then there are the mexican food cookbooks. The seafood cookbooks make a healthy showing as well. Ahhhhhh, and where would be without the dessert cookbooks? Although I will sing all of these cookbooks’ praises, a good deal of their contents have become obsolete when trying to master a diabetic diet. As I have said before, it is much easier to make a fatty food low fat or a high sugar food low sugar; it is far more difficult to make a high carb food low carb.

As I embarked on the challenge to once again overhaul my eating habits, I was too insecure to deviate from any food that did not have a nutrition label that offered the exact number of carbohydrates. Cooking proved difficult as a “rookie” diabetic because I was constantly “googling” my ingredients for their carbohydrate count. On a trip to see my mother-in-law, she gave me a low carb cookbook (that she purchased on QVC; don’t know why, but that makes me chuckle). Nine months later, this is still the only low carb cookbook I own. My goal is to try each of the recipes before I begin acquiring enough low carb cookbooks to start my own bookstore, as I am destined to do. This goal has proven worthwhile with each recipe I prepare. I LOVE this cookbook…… George Stella’s Good Carb Family Cookbook (http://www.stellastyle.com/). Mr. Stella has labeled his approach to eating and weight management Stella Style…… and what a style it is!

The story behind this cookbook (http://stellastyle.com/newPM/cgi/pm.cgi?action=show&temp=story&session=session) is as fabulous as the cookbook itself. George, his wife and 2 sons lost a total of over 560 lbs when they started living la vida Stella Style! I am amazed that this book is full of low carb recipes that ANYBODY (not just a diabetic) would go for a second serving of in a heartbeat! I also greatly appreciate George’s Tips that accompany many of the recipes and instruct you how to make the dish lower fat, easier prep or additions/substitutions that can enhance the final product.

I am a breakfast kind of gal. As I think back to pre-diagnosis, I am pretty sure it has always been my favorite meal of the day. However, after the discovery of Mr. Stella’s breakfast recipes, I am certain, post-diagnosis, that breakfast is my soul mate in the food universe! I can take my soul mate any time of day…… morning, noon, or night…… that is what I call true love!!

As I progress through more Stella Style recipes in other meal categories, I will highlight my favorites; but for now, here are a few absolutley delectible breakfasts, Stella Style of course……

Apple Wlanut Pancakes
Shrimply Delicious Frittata
Mushroom Swiss Muffin Cap Omelets
Blueberry Breakfast Pan Bread

Just typing the names of the these recipes makes my mouth water. A few notes: I use Egg Beaters in place of eggs, olive oil cooking spray in place of olive oil, reduced fat sausage, light sour cream, and light cheese (you will notice these suggestions in George’s Tips). These small adjustments have a big effect on the fat count for these items, no effect on the taste (in my opinion) and the outcome helps us type II diabetics manage our blood sugar, weight and heart health! That is like hitting the tri-fecta of diabetes management!

If you are eating Stella Style, let me know what your favorites are!

Have a wonderful week!

The Dishing Diabetic

mmmmm wow me thinks I shall be getting a copy for myself x

George Stella has several cookbooks out. My wife not only uses his recipes as they are but has adapted a number of his techniques to other much enjoyed recipes. the icing she used on my birthday cake, cake was made with carbalose came from one of his books. Now his recipes are not low fat, but once getting my BG in line, the cholesterol fell in line as well.