Dried Cranberries?

How are dried cranberries? My daughter is tryi
G the first time since diabetes and just wonder what to expect?

Most dried cranberries have added sugar in them, so look at the carb label. I would think they would spike you.

Yes, look for added sugar and make sure to get the ones that do not have any other ingredients. For me, all fruits make me spike, but in a very predictable pattern (up high and then back down, provided I bolused correctly).

funny you should ask this had a great salad the other day w/ dried cranberries and strawberries along w/ steak for dinner and couldn't figure where my post meal spike came from. think cranberries may have played a role

great thanks for the thoughts everyone, she actually did fine on her two hour later check, but then went to bed and was 138 in am, we are not on cgm so who knows about overniht, but at least she didn't end up high in the morning!!