Ok, I’m wracking my brain about how to maintain driving privileges in the dead of winter during deadly flu. So, I’m just gonna start taking some notes (to myself) and thinking about how to be successful. You can get lucky. If you just try enough things, sometimes something just snaps in place and works.

Best estimate of due date: Sometime in January

Step #1. Obtain Medical approval

1a. Send certified mail (self addressed, stamped envelope) containing form to clinic
1b. Fax form to clinic with a request that they mail it back to me
1c. Take a photo of the form (on recommendation of Doc) and submit it to the Doc by pretending to schedule an e-consult and pretending it is a photograph of a dermatology ailment.
1d. Call and ask if I can just bring the form, physically, to them for a signature.

Step #2. Get the form into the DPS computer system & obtain confirmation

2a. Mail it (prone to failure, unlikely to succeed)
2b. Bring it to DPS, wait in line, & have them enter it into the system (covid concern)
2c. ???

When last we spoke, they thought the computer system would be by November and that I could verify this because I would receive a letter from them requesting the form four months prior to its due date (Jan), which would have been in October.

The form is on your states DMV page. Can’t the doctor’s office just download it themselves?

Heck, they should print out a whole stack to have on hand.

Well, they could. But, I have to fill it out (w/ my drivers license #) and sign it before they sign it.

The harder thing will be getting it into the DMV computer system, and getting it in at the right time. If its early, they throw it away. In the past, it has taken them as long as 4 weeks to enter it into the computer, so you sure don’t want to get it there just in time. I talked to some high ups down there and they can’t see in the computer when it is due (but, I have a rough guess). I usually drive it to them, but I am scared to wait in the DMV lines. Maybe that’s just what I will need to do.

Sorry. I probably should have thought of that.

Glad I live in a State where I do not have that problem.

No, no. Nobody understands this process. Its helpful for me to try and explain it because it clarifies things for me. Barley anyone ever asks me to explain it.

The computer system is always changing, so even I am starting to become unclear…which is making me unsettled about it. The hospital is struggling to process records…insurance isn’t even getting the claims info reliably, until very recently. Things are breaking on all sides.

I’ve touched on it before, but I similar problem in high school. I never got my license until I was graduating college because of the medical restrictions card nightmare.

I applied for my learner’s permit in Cleveland, Oh when I was 16… And was subsequently given a medical restrictions card and forced to submit paperwork from the doctor every 3 months that I wouldn’t kill anyone. Except, I couldn’t get into driver’s ed that semester, and my permit expired. I stopped submitting the paperwork, because I wasn’t allowed to drive yet. Ohio sent me a letter in the mail suspending my non-existent license, and demanding I send them the license I never obtained, for failure to comply with the restrictions.


So when I was finally ready to take driver’s ed, I went back to get a new permit… But nope. Couldn’t get a permit when I had a suspended license. I had stupidly ignored the suspension because I thought it was a mistake. Was told I had to go to talk to someone in a different building. Wait in line at that building, just be told “nope, we can’t help you with that. Go this line in a 3rd building…” And guess what? That third line sent me right back to the first line where I started. Nobody could help me because of the insane bureaucracy, and nobody thinking it was their job.

I just gave up.

Moral of the story… Eventually I went to a small town DMV, near my college. The entire DMV was one lady at a desk. There was nobody else to pawn me off too. She told me, “just give me a few days, honey, and I’ll get this mess sorted.” And she totally did!

Think that might be an option for you? Just fax the paperwork to the Drs office (there are websites and phone apps that will let you fax scans or photos of your documents). When you get it returned, go for a drive somewhere more rural to get it all settled?


Oh noooooo, Robyn!!! Lol. That’s a tricky one.

I did go and try to find one of my DMV “angels,” recently, but I think that she retired. There are those special ladies at the DMV who have worked there for years and know how to fix ANYTHING. They are amazing.

Those are helpful suggestions, thank you.

The closest thing to what you experienced that I have heard of is that an elderly friend of mine got sent a motorcycle license that he never applied for. He keeps renewing it, just because he thinks its cool. He doesn’t own a bike, nor does he know how to ride one. He just thinks it might be useful some time, lol.

To be fair, it does get worse than this.

My ex-boss got brought down by the cops at gunpoint after transferring a title. But, fortunately, he took a full length GoPro video of him transferring the title (everybody knows there’s risk involving any DMV biz process), so when the cops came to his house, he just showed it to them and they accepted that as proof clearing him of whatever criminal mix-up had ensued.

Become politically active & get law off books. Most likely a legislator who has long sense died was on a crash with a diabetic & got the law thru & signed.

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You know who gave me a year of trouble? A drunk cop from up North who was thrown out a hotel bar for threatening the local Police. That’s the dude who says we aren’t fit to drive. They had to throw him outta the legislature for being too drunk. That’s how things work. Depressing, eh? I don’t need to read any law books to figure of that guy’s a douche bag.

Nothing is based on anything. Its just a bunch of random morons making random rules about things they don’t know anything about. A lot of stuff they just make up on the spot. They lie a lot. Computer technology isn’t really sophisticated enough to deal with this level of illogical nonsense. That’s a fundamental problem here. You just gotta accept that and try to bulldoze through their billshit.

In some ways the new legislation (meant to simplify the old legislation) helps. But, in some ways, it makes things worse. This is how things go - round and round.

But, they have no idea how to fix what is broken. So, that is another problem. I can tell them what is broken. But, they can’t fix it. They have actually offered some money to fix it. But, its an incredible amount of $ offered up and it won’t fix anything. So, I don’t know how to respond to that. You fix things like this by starting over from scratch. In some ways its similar to what is wrong with all of medicine - you have a super complicated system that can’t do simple things. It needs to be completely erased and started over from scratch. It is a monstrosity that should have never been allowed to exist in the first place.

We built systems like this in school…never on purpose. When the things actually worked we would FREAK out. We knew it was a miracle and total luck. We knew that if we changed 1 thing, it would never operate again. We knew this because we had a lot of experience building garbage. We call those things ‘brittle’ systems aka garbage. This is what their software people are doing. As one professor used to say, ‘garbage in, garbage out.’ I have pity for them. Its a bad situation.

I’ve never heard of this. Where do you have to get a doctors note to be allowed to have a license?

I guess its my job, now, not to feel bad for their developers. Its my job to feel bad for people like me and advocate for diabetics.

Minnesota requires this form under a couple different circumstances, but the primary ones are: 1.) Diabetics who take insulin; 2.) Epileptics who take seizure meds.

There are laws like this in a handful of states, of which, Illinois is prob the worst.

American Diabetes Association has the following legislation up to address it. (see third bill). one pager mn day at capitol.docx (27.0 KB)

One of the big hiccups with the legislation that made it take a long time is that legislation starts in the House of Reps. Our House was owned by 1 party and our Senate was owned by the other. So, when they brought the legislation, they made a common mistake of getting a bunch of support in the House (because that’s the first logical step). But, then when the Senate saw it, it was all members of the opposing party, so I had to wade through a bunch of discomfort in the Senate with having a bill that didn’t appear to have any bipartisan support. It does have support on both sides.

I’m sorry to hear there are laws anywhere like that :frowning: it’s news to me. It’s not like in everyday life you find diabetics unconscious all over the place. Growing up I never saw my dad lose consciousness. In my very limited 2.5 years I’ve never felt close to blacking out.

Thanks for offering that perspective, ChrisP. The last time I spoke with someone pretty high up, they just threw TONS of personal stories at me of people she knew who were diabetics and had crashed cars. That stuff doesn’t seem very realistic to me, but it does have a way of shaking ones confidence in the moment. People often make a case that diabetics are out murdering people with their cars.

Growing up my dad never passed out from lows. I’ve only got 2.5 years experience my self but even in the 50’s or high 40’s I’ve never felt close to passing out. I’ve never been below 45 though.

NOTE: I was NOT driving at those numbers, just saying even when low I’m not passing out. In general I don’t drive if I’m under 85. I drink something and wait.

Speaking of drunks, does your state consider a DUI incident to be similar to low bg, and have similar restrictions ?

It kinda depends how you look at it. You ask a good question, though. I prob need to explore this more because people will bring this up in committee. Off the top of my head, I have been responding to this in one way. I would appreciate feedback.

I say that if you get a DUI, you have been convicted of something and need to meet a set of conditions in order to re-instate driving privileges. As a diabetic, I am starting from a place where guilt has already been decided and I need to constantly meet a bunch of conditions in order to establish driving privileges. There is never a condition of innocence. I’m guilty of drunk driving on the day that I turn 16 and get a license.

If you crash a car with low BG, and don’t re-submit that form within 30 days (or something), then I think its a 6 month suspension. 1st DUI is 90 day suspension. But, if you get the Doc note saying you can drive, then diabetics get off with no suspension whatsoever. Makes selection of a Doc important. But, the DMV also has a medical review board, and they can pull you up in front of what is essentially like a ‘medial court,’ if they disagree with your Doc.

But, it really all depends on how things go down in each case. You can do jail time for DUI.

“For a first DWI, an offender’s driver’s license is revoked for up to 90 days. If the DWI involved chemical test refusal or a BAC of .16% or more, the revocation period is increased to one year. Another administrative penalty called “plate impoundment” applies to a first offense DWI when the offender’s BAC was .16% or more or a passenger younger than 16 was in the vehicle.”

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Alberta :canada: has required this since I was first licensed 46 years ago. Signed medical every year on your birthday stating you are well controlled with no loss of consciousness in past year.

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