Driver's licenses.....suspended in CA?


I think a MedicAlert bracelet would be a superior alternative as well as being easily recognized by Emergency Medical Professionals across the entire United States.

On the off chance somebody happened to leave the state of New Jersey. I think more likely EMTs in other states would be more likely to check for a MedicAlert bracelet as opposed to realizing they were working with a resident of New Jersey and then knowing that New Jersey has a new law regarding driver’s licenses and then looking for and finding the driver license and then flipping over to see if there is anything on the back of the card. Just doesn’t seem realistic.

Oh wow. I just looked it up. It actually is even crazier.

(note - NJ Statute has this listed as voluntary)

  • On the driver’s license or identification card document there will be a “5” imprinted under “restriction.”

  • This will alert the law enforcement official or emergency medical personnel that there should also be a pink “designation/restriction” card on this person that will indicate the condition.

Somehow, I just can’t see this working very well in Florida. Or Texas. Or California. (I could go on…) Heck - I don’t see this working very well in New Jersey !!!


Yea, its totally too long, Tim. I have tried to explain it to so many people. No one understands the hang ups…not even my lawyer understood. I think its more clear in writing. My dad said the part where I try and explain the business logic isn’t written very clearly, but the biz logic, itself, isn’t very clear. The biggest doorstop is that its so long and so boring to read. I doubt that my legislators will. I appreciate that you guys did. Feedback sure helps. I’ll get it down to a couple sentences of talking points in case I need to talk to any of them.


It would be quite a project but an addendum that lists all the US States and provides a 1 or 2 line snippet on how each state handles this?

Could be interesting.


California is vague on the question, so you are inclined to answer with diabetes, or knee replacement or whatever short/mid/long term impairment you might have. If you read the instructions on the back of the form, you realize that if you do answer with diabetes you will lose your license. Reason enough to be selectively truthful. I understand why they ask, but if I am well controlled and check my bg before driving (which I do) I could still go hypo. That said a DUI like @Stemwinder_Gary mentions is consistently legally allowed to do more damage with fewer restrictions.


Our state has similar but if you read the question carefully, it is not asking if you have these diseases or conditions but rather adds an extra qualifier which is critical IMHO to properly understanding what they are really after.

“… that affects your ability to operate a motor vehicle safely?”

For many people (hopefully most?) they are able to manage their Diabetes including low BG such that they are still able to drive safely. Common sense approaches such as checking BG everytime before you start up the vehicle (whether meter or cgm) is a good idea and one I instruct my child to do.

When driving, if you feel low or the cgm alerts with low then immediately look for and find a safe place to pull over and treat the low. Do not start driving until you feel good and a meter check confirms your BG is safe to drive.

Being able to safely drive does not mean you can not have any of the conditions listed. Nor does it mean you never have lows. It does mean are you able to manage your condition and the lows and driving all together.

Certainly for some people with Diabetes and many other health issues, it simply may not be possible to drive safely in which case they should be responsible and stick with Uber or public transportation. Each situation is individual.

Overly Aggressive drivers are a danger on the road and should not be driving unless they are able to find a way to contain their aggression. Do they drive? Obviously some/many do. Should they? No. Should they list Overly Aggressive on the CA Driver Form? For sure. I bet they don’t… (Just one example from probably thousands possible of conditions for which somebody truly should not drive)


@Tim35 from your mouth to the DMV’s ears… I don’t take chances with my dl anymore. I’m on my last chance and protect it at all costs, including omitting information from questions that resemble a fishing expedition. Ask me a very specific question tailored for me and I will always answer truthfully. Generalizations are to be answered with vague responses. You get what you ask for.


We get asked outright “Do you take insulin?” They got us, although many people lie. I know, personally, truck drivers who run a baseline BG = 600 in order to avoid taking insulin and avoid loosing their jobs because thats how they support their families. Its awful.

I believe that in 2016, they had the highest road fatalities since the 1950’s. The Feds did a big study and invite analysis from the public. I blame cell phones, but also I think people drive much more aggressively than they used to. A couple inches of snow, here, and there are cars flipped over everywhere. Never used to be like that. ???


P.S. I’ve been harvesting information from you guys because the only other way that I know to collect data, is to go to ADA website and go through each state, one by one, and read the protocol. Input is super helpful. You guys have great ideas. I’ll keep working on this.


I have diabdetes. I operate motor vehicles safely.


Or do you…



This is where a little self management education and some Walmart over the counter R and NPH come in


That’s true, Sam19. Good idea. I’ll keep that in mind.


@mohe0001 this is actually a disqualifier on a CDL as an uncontrolled Diabetic. Because the driver has such high bg, it will show in a urine dip test which will also disqualify a driver immediately. High blood pressure is a similar situation (high meaning + 140/80)

Federal insulin exemptions are easier to obtain now than ever before because of CGMs and DOT recognizing the value of the device. Previously 1 tenth of 1 percent that applied for an exemption received it - for a sixth month term. Now the average is somewhere near 5% if those that apply. Not great, but progress.


Thanks for the stats. Those are really low odds of success. Makes my problem look small. I, personally, prohibit myself from driving for a living. Its always been too risky because the state suspends my license so frequently. Its just not practical.

I always wondered how he got around it. But, then people get around drug tests, too. People go to surprising lengths, like carry warm pee bags in with them, full of someone else’s urine. Sometimes they make someone watch you pee, to be sure.


In my experience, for a. CDL physical not only do they watch you perform a clean catch (which causes performance anxiety in some) they almost want to participate. Given the urine is also used for drug testing, I always asked for a split specimen in case the lab made a mistake. For urine/sugar issues, they do a dip test right in front of you.

There will always be a way to cheat the system. Unscrupulous Dr’s have been known to pass unqualified drivers for one form of payment or another. I do think though that since the CDL program went into effect that this scenario is the outlier and not the norm. Many large and regional health chains vie for corporate cash to perform driver medical exams on a recurring basis.


I renew my license by mail so I’ve never seen this so I went to the Motor Vehicle Commission website to see if they asked about anything specific to diabetes since I don’t ever recall being asked anything.

No part of this voluntary submission of someone’s diabetes seems advisable and seems to be a very slippery slope that I am not willing to get on. I suspect many other diabetics in NJ won’t either.

As you said, a medical alert signifier is wholly adequate for first responders.


Yeah, they pretty much treat everyone in the transportation industry like criminals from day 1… one of the big reasons I’d like a new career


Agreed, especially after 9/11 if you held a HazMat endorsement.