Driving down those blood sugar readings by going low carb

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It may not be self evident from the above graph but I've been trying to drive down my blood sugar readings by reducing my daily carbohydrate intake. This is only less than two weeks of such activity but the results are impressive.

Not only am I losing weight much faster than before I began this regime, but I feel extraordinarily physiologically different: my skin has become more supple and less oily, my breath is no longer tastey, my mouth feels sweeter, my sinuses are less phlegmy...and I won't mention my little boys room visits.

These changes have proceeded as I roll down my daily carbohydrate intake to -- at the last few days -- less than 100 grams. I'm doing that despite the fact I am still consuming 650 ml of home brew beer and 1-2 slices of sourdough bread each day. The beer maybe carries 17 grams of carbohydrate and the bread , around 15-18 grams.

But no pasta, rice, potatoes and other high GI fill. No pastry of course. I've switched to a few low carb fruits such as berries -(and pass t on the rest) - and indulge my passion for nuts. I didn't plan to but I'm staying away from legumes as they weigh in at around 15 grams per serve. I still eat yogurt but I'm rolling back the milk volume I consume ( 250 ml = maybe around 16 gram carbohydrate) especially as milk is a glucose booster. However, I get to indulge in cheese -- especially my favorite, Camembert -- as cheese a has low carbs.

I amuse my gastronomy by grazing a mix of meats, eggs and vegetables in various forms of presentation.

I also get to chew a lot. Imagine a grazing cow chomping away. Yep ,I do spend more time eating.

The graph above plots my blood glucose readings (blue) and my carbohydrate intake (red). I'm currently testing my blood on waking and two hours after each meal. These readings are going down but how far down I can take them is a moot point. In consideration is how far my diabetes has progressed already and how much of an impact greater weight loss and more exercise will have on my biochemistry. But the research is very affirmative in this regard (see these discussions) and I will surely make further gains up to a point.

I haven't set any goals in way of blood glucose yet as the figures aren't conclusive and I think there are more lifestyle variables I have to address.But after being somewhat morbid initially, I'm very much more up beat as I feel I have some measure of control over my condition..

Wonderful!!! Good work. :slight_smile:

Way to go! Congratulations! Great that you immediately did this upon being diagnosed.

I saw big improvements when I lowered carbs & my blood lipids improved. I feel far better as well.

If you can find Greek yogurt, it has less carbs. You can also make your own by putting regular yogurt in a strainer lined with cheesecloth or coffee filters over a bowl in the refigerator for several days. Make sure the strainer sits well above the bowl. Greek yogurt is incredibly rich & delicious.

Camembert–love it.

Yeah I use Greek yogurt I buy kilogram tubs of it…Nice and thick. Many years ago (and with a Greek girlfriend) I used to make it at home and only yesterday was thinking that maybe I’d do that again after i read this description, like yours, Gerri:
We used to wrap the bowls of yogurt mix in towells to keep them warm.
I also like the yogurt as a Mezze dip: with tahina
You can also add garlic &/or cumin.

I thought you had to take into account the calories of the food not just grams of carbohydrates. The diet should have set percentages of protein, carbohydrates and fats. Yes other lifestyle variables also count such as exercise, timings between meals, level of daily activity(heavy, moderate, light etc), rest periods, sleep etc…
Having said all this, pls do not start worrying. Seeing your enthusiasm of achieving (beating consequences of the disease) I am sure you will do good. Pls talk to your physician/doctor/educator-guides for guidance and show them your graphs.

I follow a low carbohydrate diet, too… And I’ve lost 60 lbs on it… My lipid profile, and numbers, have all gone to normal, and to the healthiest levels I’ve ever seen. Do not get discouraged, especially by people who try to insist we have to have ‘percentages’ of things on our diet… or follow a food pyramid diet. This is NOT effective for Diabetics, and most people who claim it is effective for them are simply overtreating with insulin so they can process the excess carbohydrates they consume – a very dangerous, and irresponsible practice, that causes major weight gain, often in the face of increase exercise. The body gets enough glucose from Protein and Fats… We do not need the excess carbs. A small amount is enough. There are groups in our site that will help you find out recipes, help you problem solve, and keep you encouraged. I suggest “The Diabeties Solution,” by Dr. Bernstein, as good reading. :slight_smile: Again, great job!

Thanks for the recipe. Sounds delicious.

Just finished reading The Diabetes Solution. Important and essential read.I also use LIFEFORM to monitor my various activities and I find it very useful as means to train my mind to monitor certain parameters of what i do and eat such as my carb intake.

The only real problem I have with Bernstein (not an issue in other works I’ve read) is his rejection of tomatoes as I’d find that an intolerable sacrifice.Since I’m a dedicated cook I’m trying to adapt my gastronomy to the new world I inhabit. But generally I’m thinking that if I can get below 100 gram on a daily basis and stay there I’m “sweet” until reviews suggest otherwise.

I’ve always been a dedicated Mezze eater and maker so I’ve reviewed a lot of those dishes in light of diabetes. Out goes the bread and the legumes(maybe just for now with the beans). but that still leaves a great array of possibilities. Last night I made up some dips/salads to get me by:
*The yogurt and tahina I mentioned.
*A sardine paste/dip (Greek I think) made on cucumbers to which I also added a little yogurt.
*A salsa.
Bernstein is also down on lemons ! I can’t abide that either! I also baked some sourdough bread last night so I’m waiting to see if after a few days off that , what the consequences will be of my partaking.

I have Dr. B’s The Diabetes Diet. There are recipes using lemon juice & lemon zest.

Dr. B says a few slices or varieties of small ones are fine in moderation, but I use tomato sauce, tomato paste, marinara sauce, etc. I’ve not had bad BG reactions from tomatoes.

Hope you enjoy your sourdough with no ill effects. Yum!