Should you drive when you blood sugar is in the high 200s? Just curious!!

I would think it would be ok except I would correct my BG if it were in the 200s so then there'd be that element of risk...

Thanks, I got up this morning around 200 and corrected and it just kept going up and I had to take my girls to school, when I left it was around 250 and I was really nervous about driving. I know of course not to drive if it is low, but wasnt sure if there was a rule for it being to high. Thanks for the reply!!

I've drove plenty of times in the 200 range, esp when i was messing around and not caring how I managed this. I think basically I would base it on how I felt. I mean if you are really feeling symptoms from those highs...like nausea, vomiting, fatigue etc I probably wouldnt drive, but otherwise if it was just a matter of a stubborn day...hormone issues...etc, and as long as I felt ok, I'd drive. Correct sure, and keep an eye on it, but I would drive.

Hey i have driven plenty of times in the 200s just make sure if u correct it just keep an eye on it especially if u r correcting with a fast acting insulin like humalog or apidra. But its actually safer to drive with a high sugar then it is with a low sugar the only down fall to a high sugar is u might get mad pretty easy its like u r a ticking time bomb waiting to go off.

I bolus when I go over 150 (mg/dl - not mph!). So 200 I rarely see. I won't drive if under 100. I'd rather be over 150 than be below 100, but I see no reason not to drive if around 200 for a short time.

I would rather drive in the 200's then below 90. I always check before I start driving just so I know where I am with it all