Drop in insulin needs once you stop birth control?

Hello Ladies. I stopped my birth control almost 3 weeks ago now and I have since needed soooo much less insulin. I cannot stop all these low BS!! I have my first Pre-conception appt with my Endo and nutritionist this Monday and she is thinking I am already pregnant due to all the lows. I am 45 as I type this… I had figured it was due to a change in hormones cuz I am not on the NuvaRing anymore.
Did anyone experience their insulin needs dropping after stopping birth control due to changes in hormones???

Hi Heather
slightly different situation here, but it relates strongly… we recently completed an IVF cycle, and at the very beginning I found that I had to increase my basal rate by 30%. The reason it relates is because I started with BCP low dose progesterone/estrogen to get things regulated and my bg’s started going through the roof… I would suspect if the hormones can make bg’s go higher, their absence can also make them run lower.
Just my 2 cents. Good luck!

That makes complete sense! That’s what I figured but once she said that I might be pregnant (and get my hopes up!) I couldn’t help but wonder! Thanks Rachel!

YES, my insulin needs decreased by almost half. It took me a couple of months to figure out the link between the low sugars, since I hadn’t changed anything besides stopping birth control, but I hadn’t really thought about it until I had my appointment with my endo/educator and we started talking about it.

Okay, its reassuring to hear this happened to someone else, not just me! My CDE had to drop my basals and I:C ratios.