Dropped pod

So say hypothetically you dropped your pod on a hardwood floor face down while doing a site change. And hypothetically you were at the point where you were about to put it on and you had removed the front tape where the needle is but not the back tape. Would you still use it? Would you worry about the fact that it is not sanitary anymore?

I wouldnt worry about it being sanitary I would worry about damage to the pod and it working properly. I may try it and if there were any problems then change it. But thats just me. I kind of go by God made dirt and dirt dont hurt. :slight_smile:

I would use it.

Assuming I could get it off the floor and it would stick to me I would still use it. This is, of course, assuming that the floor was fairly clean and there isn’t pet hair/visible dirt/lint or whatnot that I could actually see on it.

I would use it.

I would use it

I’ve done this very thing, used it and still kicking… :wink:

The one time I did this (dropped a pod during a change), the impact was hard enough to actually trigger the needle/cannula spring! So the thing was unusable at that point.
However, if that had not happened, I certainly would have still used the pod.

I would use it

Use it! Maybe wave an alcohol wipe around the cannula area for show…

Thanks guys! I totally used it. Glad to know ya’ll would do the same :slight_smile:

I’m with the dirt don’t hurt! I would use it and just change it later if it wasn’t working properly

I would use it. The Pod is a durable piece of equipment.

Is this a trick question? Like if you drop food on the floor, can you pick it up and eat it? Like the 5 second rule???

I would use it I have to PAY for them. Right now.