Drug Resistant UTIs

I usually have a bladder infection every 2-3 months. The bacteria has always been E coli (very common) and clears up with Bactrim DS.
Three weeks ago I had symptoms again but noticed my urine smelled funny. Sorry if that's too much info!
I went to urgent care and was give Bactrim DS. The pharmacy called 3 days later with a new antibiotic so I switched to Macrobid. I finished my Macrobid and realized I felt exactly the same before I took both antibiotics.
So I went back to urgent care. Long story short I now have a multiple drug resistant organism called klebsiella pneumoniae. I started Cipro (which has enough black box warnings to scare any sane person).
I read about Klebsiella pneumoniae, which apparently is becoming more drug resistant. It also said 80% of patients with it are Diabetic aka immune impaired.
I would like to hear from other people who also have a drug resistant infection. How are you doing? Did you get rid of it?
I'm a nurse and am feeling scared right now!!