Drugs That Can Effect Blood Glucose

Here's a helpful list from www.diabetesincontrol.com.

Drugs That Can Affect Blood Glucose Levels

The Diabetes In Control team has put together a comprehensive, revised and up-to-date list of "Drugs That Can Affect Blood Glucose Levels." Just print out the list, put a copy in every exam room and you and/or your MA can check patients' meds each time they come in.

Click here to access a PDF copy.

All Steroids! Danger

I had staggering lows from an antibiotic that my doc said shouldn’t effect me. Ha!

agree- I had a really weird swollen throat and the doctor gave me antihistamine and steroids. Once I asked him if it will affect my diabetes he said yes I should take a little more insulin while on steroids. Good thing I asked! I took more insulin, tested often, but my sugar wouldn’t go under 250 for the 3 days I was on that. I’m not sure the specific name of the steroids though.

Thank you Gerri this can be very helpful for those of us who take some of these meds. I’ve been aware that steroids affect our bs but not some of those meds on that list, again thanks.

Practically every drug I take is on one list or the other.

Me too Zoe. I think a lot of us are or will be if we live long enough.