"Duh"abetes Moments

Lately I seem to have so many stupid, duh moments with my diabetes management, something that should not happen after all this time with D. Like,

  1. Forgetting to reconnect my infusion set after I change my clothes.
  2. Forgetting to bolus before eating and then “wondering” why my BG is over 300 a couple of hours later.
  3. Waking up to a really high blood sugar and instead of following the “protocol” for when you have a high BG on a pump, just rage bolusing all the way into work, eating breakfast, and then finally noticing a big 'ol wet spot on your dress that smells like bandaids (ok, that one was just a double-duh)
  4. Running between meetings at work and thinking, “I swear I’ll check my BG the next time I walk past my office.” And then forgetting
  5. SWAGing, even when I have an app on my iPhone that allows me to look up fairly accurate carb counts.
  6. Leaving insulin in a hot car (oops!)
  7. Leaving glucose tabs in my pockets and then washing my clothes (do you know what glucotabs turn into in the washing machine?)
  8. Leaving the house without my meter.

So what are your duhabetes moments?

Yesterday I was driving in torrential rains and got lost. When the weather calmed down, I found my way home. Then I calmed me down with beer and bbq chips. Of course I went to bed high and woke up low. There were a whole lot of "Duh"abetes moments!

Unfortunately, I have had too many "duh"abetes moments that involved alcohol. I am not a huge drinker, but do like to have the occassional drink, especially when out in social situations. And they almost always involve some small BG disaster when it’s all said and done. You think I would learn…