Dumb Mistake = Correction miracle?

I did a really dumb (would like to use another 4 leter word) thing earlier today. I deleted a pattern that I knew I didn't need on my MMed pump. Uploaded readings. Looked at charts. Compared w/paper logs. Was feeling soooo good that the last 4 days were finally showing some consistent bg's I could work with. Then, at 5pm, 230 BG? What the heck (another 4 letter word)? This is the time of day I was declining. I FORGOT TO SWITCH pattern back; therefore, I had no basal insulin for approx. 4 hrs. The only light at the end of this tunnel (I'm still correcting 'cause went to 300) is that the rise did not begin for 4 hrs. I've been battling with the idea of changing basal 2-4 hrs before a rise/fall and Pumping Insulin recommends changing basals even earlier. Perhaps I can now correct earlier since I can see my noon insulin "worked" for quite a few hours--apparently 4. (Noon meal was low carb so very little bolus remaining at 5pm)

Any comments/feedback?

I did that once except it was actually two or three days before I figured out the problem was I wasn’t getting any basal insulin. I kept doing corrections which would work and then I’d go right back up again. Changed sites a couple of time, checked my temperature nope not getting sick. Even temp basals didn’t work. In hindsight that makes perfect sense as 150% or 200% of zero is still zero. I’m not sure how I finally figured it out I think I went into the basal set up to make some radical changes and realized what I had done. Since then I double check myself when I change profiles and I make sure my unused profiles have something in them even if just a token basal rate to keep me out of trouble overnight.

I always thought you made basal changes for about 2 hours before the rise or fall. That’s what I’ve done and it’s worked well for me. My duration seems to be about 4 hours also. I’m not sure what you mean by correct earlier though.

Good luck hope things settle down soon for you.


Diana…two-three days before you caught it? You just made my day! I suppose it’s nice to know I’m not the only one making mistakes. I’ve done it once before, actually, a couple of weeks ago and thought I learned my lesson. Thought I was sooo diligent! I just discovered “patterns”…after pumping for 9+ yrs. I am so thankful I found TuDiabetes. Think it has taught me a valuable lesson – that I am in charge. So much misinformation from “professionals”. And I have practically begged Medtronic for CDE assistance-just to look at my logbooks for another opinion. I was never properly trained when I started on CGM 1 l/2 yrs ago. The CDE they put me in touch with has promised via emails to “help”…that was 8+ emails ago. I am debating sending a complaint to Medtronic, but afraid I may make someone mad…however, it’s my health & I feel I deserve it. I know this is rambling, sorry, but back to my initial story about patterns. I discovered pattern options reading Pumping Insulin.