Dusting Off The Blog

I don’t update my TuDiabetes blog nearly as often as I should (slapping my own wrist - “Bad Kerri!”), but I wanted to pop back in here and say hello to everyone here! I’ve been reading as many blog updates as I can - we’re a prolific bunch!

I wanted to share my YouTube channel with you guys, because I’ve stumbled into the mess that is vlogging … and I like it. :slight_smile: Today I posted up a clip about the SUM vlog outtakes, which is a compilation of some clips from the editing room floor after I do a vlog post. I never realized how much I can ramble until I started vlogging. (But I LOVE the vlogs that other community members have been doing - they are awesome!!)

Enjoy the clip, and if I don’t make it back on here before the holidays, have a good one!!