DWED Update Jul

DWED UPDATE 13/07/2010

What is going right?

Meeting with the RCP (Royal College of Psychiatry)

I met with the RCP executive committee for eating disorders on Friday. They have been very supportive and have agreed to have a ‘good think’ about how to help me. I will be emailing them for a follow up tomorrow.


Susan Ringwood, the chief exec, was in the meeting on Fri and Emailed me straight away on Monday to let me know that she is going to look at ways to educate those involved with the helpline – I am going to offer to go to her next training day with a power point presentation on how to identify ED – DM1 and what to do about it. As you can guess this now means producing a meaty accurate presentation. It is very important that I know this inside out and get it signed off by some of the medical professionals who have promised to help. This will also form the basis of my presentation to the RCN (Royal College of Nursing) ED committee on the 3rd September

Diabetes UK

Finally things are rolling with Diabetes UK. I am going in to speak with them formally either next Wednesday or the one after. They have also asked me to become a service user representitive for London but I need to think carefully before I respond to them as I’m not quite sure what they expect of me, for example they want me to represent adult services but I don’t want to be cut off from what is going on with girls so I need to speak to them about it. I’ll basically be pumping them for contacts and resources so fingers crossed.

BDI (Behavioural Diabetes Institute)

Are a lovely bunch of people based in the states who look at the psychological aspect of having T1. I wrote them an email about DWED and they sent the nicest email back saying they really want to work with us. Not quite sure how to respond to them yet but I will soon.


Is getting a complete overhall – I've seen the test site and I’m really pleased with the design and functionality back and front end.

I think what you are doing is absolutely amazing. I wish there was more going on here in the US. And maybe there is, and I just haven’t heard about it.

I really want to do more with this; awareness and research because it has had a profound inpact on my life and others.

Maybe we can chat about this sometime? I would love to hear more about this.

Hi Michelle,

There are a lot of links on the website to other support groups and also our sister charity that is US based. You can email me whenever you want through the email on the website or through tudiabetes. Allthough I am not massively active I check my messages at least twice a week :slight_smile: