Early Success, I think

Hi, I’m a 47 year old male recently diagnosed with type 2. At the time of diagnosis (May 2010), my fasting level was 252. Since my liver was bad due to alcoholism and pills would make that situation worse, I was immediately put on insulin (Lantus, now 14mg once in morning). After about 10 days, I had reduced fasting levels to 85-92 with an occasional spike after breakfast (or right before lunch) to around 115; thereafter a reduction at the two hour point to <110–four hours after @ back around 85-92. To date, these levels have remained decently steady.

I quit drinking alcohol (and smoking) the day I was diagnosed, started a low-carb diet and also started exercising. I lost 25lbs so far (250 to 225) my height is 5‘ 8, so I will still need to lose another 30 or more pounds to be anywhere near thin.

I think I am doing well, but wonder if it is a bit too soon to feel a little better about having the disease possibly somewhat under control.

Any thoughts? Thanks.

Your numbers are looking pretty good there dasiepat. Looks like because of your medical requirements that it will now be a matter of fine-tuning your insulin requirements with good diet and exercise. As you loose more weight you may be able to reduce your insulin amount. What was your last A1C?

Hang in there your doing great!

I have an appointment next month so I believe I will have my A1C done then. Not sure why I was not sent to lab in July.