Earn a $10 Gift Card for Participating in a Survey!

Hi, my name is John Laugesen, and I am a PhD Student at McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada. I have been a member of TuDiabetes.org since April of this year, when I was diagnosed as pre-diabetic (HbA1c of 6.1)

I am currently completing my PhD thesis work, which examines the factors involved in the adoption of Electronic Personal Health Records (ePHRs) by persons with Type 2 Diabetes. Don't worry if you don't know what ePHRs are, as the study will explain that!

The study involves participants watching a short video, and then filling out a survey. The entire process can be conducted online. The study has been approved by the McMaster Research Ethics Board, and has also been approved by TuDiabetes Administration for posting on this site.

Participants in the survey will receive a $10 Gift Card (from Amazon.com for US and International residents, and from Tim Hortons for Canadian residents). The entire process takes approximately 30 minutes.

If you (or someone you know) have Type 2 Diabetes, are18 years or older, and are interested in completing this survey, this can be done at:


or contact me (laugesjd@mcmaster.ca)

WOW! I received over 45 responses in only a few hours! I have temporarily deactivated the survey, as I need to analyse the data from the responses that have come in so far. If you would like to be contacted when the survey is active again, please click the original survey link (above) and you will be able to leave me your email address.

This survey is approved by TuDiabetes admin.