Earth 2

While watching reruns of an early 90s tv show called 'Earth 2' I was shocked by how many similarities I found in the main character, a mother fighting to find a cure for her son's illness, and myself. On the series there is a group of 200 or so kids that are struck by a disease called "the syndrome." They have to wear electronic devices and carry them around with them where ever they go. These devices are their live support, without them they will die.

So why is my story so similar? Well, My son has type 1 diabetes and he also has to wear a special electronic device. This device is his life support. Without it he will die.

In the show there are these sand creatures that capture a "syndrome" kid and cure him. He comes out of a cave, running into his mother's arms. He is missing all of his machines and devices that were once his only chance of survival.

Now, I'm not saying that we need some mythical creatures coming out of the sand and kidnapping all of the type 1 children from around the world and curing them. No that would be scary and very strange... but the fact remains, we do need a cure.

I will never see my son run into my arms without his pump attached to his side. I will never see him eat a meal without a finger poke and then a massive amount of math(that usually makes my brain hurt) and then give him with insulin. All this for basic survival.

See, my kid is "lucky," so they say! He was diagnosed so young that he will never remember what it is like to go eat an apple and not have to give up blood in order to do so. He will never know what it is like to not have multiple shots a day or carry around a pump that is hooked up to him 24/7. He will never get a break, but he will never know what it is like to have one.

Do we need an Earth 2? Like hell we do! Maybe not another planet that we have to travel years to find and make it our new home but we need to change our own Earth. We need an Earth were kids don't need to be hooked up to little machines just to live a "normal" life. We need an Earth were my son can take the most simple thing in life for granted, just like everyone else...eating. We need an Earth were I know my son is ok to go run as fast and as hard as he wants and I don't need to shove sugar in his face just to keep him from crashing. WE NEED THAT EARTH!

I know that "that" Earth is in sight. I know it is not just an old sci-fi show that nobody remembers but dorks like me! That Earth is here now. We are so close to it, yet so far away from a cure. I pray for a cure to type 1 diabetes everyday. Until we find one, I pray for better, faster, and smaller machines that will help make my son's life a little easier. There is a cure, it WILL happen! I pray that I am strong enough to wait until it gets here. And until it does, I will continue to pray to whoever is out there willing to listen to my plea. The plea of a desperate mother wanting a "normal" life for her son, a life free form this type 1 diabetes "syndrome."

Where is our Earth 2??? It better get here quick because I am really quite impatient!

Oh sigh....where indeed IS that earth. I fear I will never see it. Not in MY time anyway...
and an earth in which going anywhere and being able to breathe without an asthma trigger taking your breath earth without cancer. There was a young child in church yesterday, obviously undergoing chemotherapy treatment, who also had tubing coming from one of his heart broke.
I pray that THAT earth will manifest itself for your son, and for your son's children.
Many hugs to you, and to little Phil
luv....linda ♥