Easing the Burden of Diabetes THINKahead

Want to share …closing date is June 7 , 2011 . I have the " urge:" to comment to those who comment , but this is unavailable to the participant …of course one can always start another " comment "

Copied and pasted and deleted password etc.from the e-mail .

" You have been invited by Michael Cloutier to participate in Canadian Diabetes Association’s Easing the Burden of Diabetes THINKahead. Using Syntegrity Group’s 'ThinkAhead’™ application, this session will allow us to apply our collective intelligence in addressing the following question:

"What must we do to measurably ease the personal and societal burden of diabetes in Canada by 2016 and what specifically is the role of the CDA in helping to do so?“

Easing the Burden of Diabetes THINKahead


A few thoughts I added in no particular order " : 1 ) insulin pumps for adults in Canada 2 ) Kids with diabetes in schools 3 ) dentistry and diabetes 4 ) hearing loss and diabetes 5 ) misdiagnosis of those , not a juvenile ,( as in me ) with type 1( LADA) etc. etc.

Any other CDA members on Tu who have been invited to partake ??

Suggestions ???..please note : the exercise closes on Tues.June 7 , 2011

PS computer o.o.o due to re-flooring of " office” …but am back :slight_smile:

The exercise continues and is open to anyone interested; I found this on the CDA’s website yesterday .
" Help shape the future of diabetes in Canada and beyond
The Association has launched a strategic planning initiative with the objective of ensuring that we are a stakeholder-focused and donor-trusted charitable leader in support of the more than 9 million Canadians who are living with diabetes or prediabetes. The plan will enable us to have a more consistent external view and ensure that we are able to meet the needs of key stakeholders, with a primary focus on people living with diabetes or prediabetes.

The prevalence and cost of diabetes in Canada is staggering and it is on the rise! Through the collective engagement of key stakeholders, the Association will advance to a destination of even greater efficiency, effectiveness and relevance to the people we serve – most importantly – people living with diabetes or prediabetes and the donors who support our efforts.

We want to hear from you. Please share your confidential thoughts and ideas to the question below with us, by Thursday, June 30, 2011. Your active contribution will help shape the future direction of the Canadian Diabetes Association


I posted this on the Canadian site as well and comments were added.
The exercise which closed Tuesday June 7 has been tabulated in groups : Most Liked, Least Liked , Most Controversial . Will be interesting to read the tabulated responses /suggestions of the following exercise, see
below : http://www.diabetes.ca/shapethefuture/