Easy bruising

I test on my forearms with my Onetouch meter remote for the Ping. Usually this is fine, and you can just see some tiny pinprick scabs on my arms, but sometimes I bruise like crazy. This is not just because I hit a blood vessel, since these are numerous, multiple bruises of varying sizes. Is this something that happens to everyone? The cyclical nature of it is what I don't understand. I do have a genetic coagulopathy that always makes me bruise a little easier and for them to heal a little slower than for other people, but that does not account for the on/off nature of the problem. In the meantime I look like my husband beats me.

I don't know that you'll get a lot of response as few people test on their forearms. Just curious why you do that and if you know it's considered to be less accurate?

These are not associated with my period. That's a good thought though.

Zoe, I test on my forearms because I find fingersticks painful, Also, over time I believe it reduces the sensitivity of your fingers due to scarring. I am well aware that forearms are less accurate, especially if the blood sugar is changing rapidly, so I do test fingers as necessary. However, none of this has much to do with my original question.

Mother always warned me not to climb trees because D's bruise a lot easier. It never did stop me I'm afraid. Maybe there is some truth in this old tale. I haven't noticed any bruising apart from the odd injection. Jackie has a good point.