Easy way to determine insulin amount / each meal

Husband got type 1 at age 83. Animas pump five years. Use Breeze 2 giving ten glucose tests with no threading in those "little things." I have computer report printed list showing insulin needed for EACH of OUR traditional family meals based on current IC. Other column shows insulin need for glucose tests based on ISF/target. Add two togeter and give fast insulin direct shot without those terrible pump enteries.

Then another list of familiar individual food/beverage carbs when doing something unusual. And backup book. Post carbs and test in software meal column and shows how much insulin (Extensive meal list is usually adequate).

Changing basal affects neither plastic sheets or computer formulas so seldom need revision. Our target is 120 and last quarter report to Dr was 121 average. NO, I'll never achieve that again.......

You look at the situation and you see the cup half empty, I see it half full. You have a target of 120 mg/dl which I consider pretty darn good. And you actually achieved 121. In my little part of the twisted world you aren't a failure, you are a hero.

That is pretty awesome! Congrats!

Oh, Brian, please understand I was THRILLED. Doctor was AMAZED. And I do think our little system is fast and wonderful.....