Eating carbless to control Type 1

Say there,

I have been a type 1 for 55 years now and are now eating a carbless diet to lower my insulin and reduce my number of daily injections.

Originally, I was taking 15 units Lantus in the morning and then 6-7 units of Humalog before each meal. I have been eating carbless now for 8 weeks and no longer take Humalog injections before meals. I do keep it around should I go above 200.

My diet consists of lots of vegetables, beans, meat, nuts, flax/fiber, eggs, and cheeses. There is no bread, flour, pasta, noodles, tacos/tortillas, or potatoes. I have made a decent flax based bread substitute using 4 tbsp flax(ground), 1 egg(beaten), 1 tsp baking powder, 1 squirt stevia, and a handful of sliced almonds. After beating the egg, combine everything in a large cup and micro for 1 minute.

I'd like to connect with people who may be looking into this type of diabetic control.


Hi Ron, That is great that you can eat without fast acting for your meals. I eat low carb without those foods but I still need fast acting. I do eat berries and yoghurt so that may be why but I doubt it because I still spike a lot without fast acting even when I don't eat them. That bread sounds delicious, I'm going to try that. I have also added in some low carb home cooked/baked recipes with nut flowers etc. too :) Not eating wheat and potato seems to help me a lot.

Hi Ron, I also eat low carb and use minimal amounts of fast-acting to cover some meals. I've not connected with anyone before who eats no carbs - although that's where I'm at today because I woke up this morning to realize that I'd left my insulin pen behind after lunch yesterday at a restaurant that is closed until tomorrow! Annoying, but nice to be able to confirm that the 8 units of Lantus I take at bedtime must be set right because my sugars have been normal all day (no carbs, no humalog).

Your flax bread sounds similar to a pancake recipe I really love. I've been experimenting with participating at my friend's weekly pizza night and have had success with almond flour crust and now cauliflower crust :) Neither of these have been popular with anyone but me, however.

I wonder - how do you manage eating out or eating at other people's while maintaining your carb free approach?

Congratulations on your success! You're eating low carb, but it's not carb-less. Nuts & vegetables have carbs. Beans have quite a few.

To A:
thanks for your input. When eating out, I usually find something like a dinner salad with some fish or chicken or possibly cheese. Whether out or at friends, this will always be a challenge, anyway you look at it.
I also enjoy the almond flour and seem to find it raises my sugar much more than flax meal. And it does taste better !

Thanks for your update on nuts and their carbs. They do have an affect and I try to limit amounts to 1/2 an ounce, which isnt much! Here's a great table I use for both nuts and seeds:

Do see the column of NET carbs in nut-carb table above as that is what we should use, but I am not convinced yet. Here is a link to better understand NET carbs:

I've not seen LC diets that "vilify" vegetables, providing they're not carb heavy like peas, carrots, potatoes or some squashes. Cooked vegetables have more carbs than raw. Most vegetables are LC. Ask 10 people & you'll get 10 different opinions about net carbs. Some deduct every gram of fiber. I've been VLC (very low carb) for almost 6 years. I only count fiber if it's close to half the total carbs. Nutritional labels are very inaccurate.

Hi Ron - You may want to consider joining the "Dr. Bernstein" group here if you aren't already a member to connect with others who follow a VLC diet - Dr. Bernstein's method has a pretty faithful following.

I would also suggest the paleo diet. I stuck to it this summer and truly enjoyed it. I found several websites with creative recipes and even an app for my phone. I had a ton of energy and lost about 15 pounds as well. My bg's were not doing the roller coaster thing that most of us suffer from too. Enjoy it and let me know if you need any ideas for meals......especially PIZZA. I've got a great one!!!!