Eating Window

Hi all, I’m testing out this whole idea of an “eating window” as my latest attempt at getting on top of my out of control food issues, which mostly pop up in the evening. I’ve just finished eating and now my window is officially closed LOL. I am going to only have water, tea, coffee and maybe bone broth for the rest of tonight.

I have another hour of work and them I’m off to do some shopping and maybe a walk outside. Keep myself somewhat busy.

I’m basically writing this as a means of holding myself accountable.

If you practice this sort of method, please let me know if there is a particular time of day that makes this the easiest. I figured with most of my food issues taking place after dinner into the late evening, it would be best to avoid that time of day.

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I think learning what your body needs and how it reacts is an impotprtant start.
I have a meal around 6 pm and I’m not really hungry again before bed. Having a relaxed extended meal helps in a lot of ways. Eating slower makes you less likely to over eat. It also levels out your spikes from meals.

Most of the time if I eat after dinner it is out of habit, not for hunger. So that is more an idea to do other things instead.

Some people eat 2 small meals instead of one large that really helps the hunger thing.
Meaning eat half of your dinner at 6 and the second half at 8.

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No eating past 8 unless low glucose.
If I stick to that no problems with am bg.

If I do eat after 8 and bolus for it it may or may not affect morning sugar.


Finally in bed and white knuckled my way through it. Not sure OMAD is for me. No way could I have done this if I hadn’t been out busy all evening.

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I eat a fairly large breakfast, lunch and dinner. Unless low I don’t eat between meals or between about 5:15 pm and 6:30 am. I am almost never hungry. This works extremely well for me.

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That’s great you found something that works for you…hopefully someday I will too.

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I so get you about how hard this is!!!I battle with this all the time.

I have gone back to the good old days. Back when we used exchange lists and there was the “free foods”. This is how I became o huge fan of pickles! I love dill pickles of any kind! Also string cheese is easy and I find pulling the cheese apart helps keep my hands busy doing something.
Someone also said tuna fish in a lettuce wrap might help or cottage cheese with some hot sauce mixed in. I do also do nuts as long as I weigh them out and put the container away before I sit down.
This is a hard one and as with everything that is diabetes, you need to just keep trying new things until you find what works for you!
I always have a jar of pickles and olives I. The refrigerator so I have something, anything that won’t send the blood sugars soaring. Good luck and let us know what you find that works for you.

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I used that for many years too.

Now there’s a glycemic index list too.

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You can do anything you put your mind on