Economic Impact Payment

I’m sure many of you, like me, are awaiting or were awaiting your economic impact check. I was really pleased when mine came in the mail a couple of days ago.

Went out grocery shopping yesterday (I go once every other week, gloved, masked, etc.) and was going to deposit my check, but had forgotten to bring it with me…LUCKILY! Today I got an AARP newsletter which talked about fake checks going out and, sure enough, mine is fake! It fails all four tests that are set up to prevent fake checks.

So glad I didn’t deposit it, and will be contacting my local field office of the Secret Service on Monday to let them know I got one of the fakes.

Which still leaves me not knowing when my real check will arrive…luckily, I have enough to survive another month without it.

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Here is info from AARP.

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Why would someone be sending out bogus checks?

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" With the fake check ploy, scammers are creating fake stimulus checks for a larger amount than you are supposed to receive. Victims will then be notified that they were overpaid and that they need to send money back in the form of cash, gift cards, or money transfers.

When the fake check bounces, the victim will then be out that money, along with whatever they sent the scammers."

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The check I received looks exactly like that except:
the ink on the seal doesn’t turn red when dampened; the line on the back does not say :USAUSAUSA" when looked at under a microscope; and, there is no watermark. Other than those three things, it looks exactly the same. Will let you know what happens once I contact the Secret Service.

From the article… unbelievable…

Since January, consumers have collectively lost more than $13.4 million to such scams,