Edgepark - IV prep

I have used IV Prep from day one (2001) to clean my skin for my pump and cgm.
Now, Edgepark says they have discontinued it. That is where my pump supplies come from.
Dex won’t send me IV prep for both my dex and the pump I am sure. I think I have been using the Edgepark iv prep for both as I can usually get by with that amount.

I do not like using just alcohol as I think that the prep helps the tape adhere.

Anyone else use another cleaner besides alcohol?
Aaarrgh again! I know I can buy it on amazon but… my insurance covered it through edgepark.

That’s ridiculous. i’m just on cgm but my order comes with skin tac and a simpatch. the libre comes with a prep pad

i dont understand why someone cant give you everything you need to use a device. i consider either an adhesive, overbandage or tegaderm necessary for cgm

Oh, overpatch. I have order those twice from Dexcom and have yet to receive one. They are free but still awaiting some! I was told they must be sent separate from the sensors, which I received on time. Odd.

You can buy them at Amazon. They are not that expensive.

For sure buy on amazon. Not even remotely worth the headache of going through a medical supplier.

In my experience they don’t do much of anything anyway… basically just an alchohol pad

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