Edgepark no longer stocks FreeStyle Libre?

I’ve just tried to recorder my Freestyle Libre sensors, and their web site says “Sorry, this item is not currently available for purchase from Edgepark and will not appear on your ContinuCare order.”

Does anyone know of another supplier?

Edwards health care - excellent service for my wife - could not ask for better

She gets 14 day libre from them

Was this for 10 day or 14 day?

10 day sensors are being phased out, and need new RX to switch to 14 day.

MM1 is right, the 10 day are being phased out. But if that is not what is wrong. You can order them through Walgreens online site and the 10 day had been at a good price. Not sure about the 14 day.

Thanks for your reply, MM1. I’ll have my endocrinologist write a prescription for the 14-day sensors.

My wife did not need a new script for the switch to 14 day

edwards health care

Also if on medicare they send two sensors and I think every 3rd time 3 sensors

It works out anyway

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