Edgepark - "Patient Authorization" form?

My Dexcom sensor is about to die, so I ordered new ones from Edgepark last week. When I ordered, they said I should have them by today. When they did not arrive, and I realized my card had not been charged, by today, I began to wonder what happened. So I checked my account online at Edgepark.
Edgepark has a note on my order saying I need to submit, electronically, a signed Patient Authorization form. Huh? Why didn’t they mention this while I was on the phone with them? Or email me to tell me about it? Or email me the form?
Whatever… Where can I download this form to speed thing up since they didn’t send me an email to notify me about this? Oh, I can’t download the form. They are mailing it to me. Yes, they are mailing it to me, snail mail, in the 21st century, they are mailing me a form so I can get transmitters.
At least they want me to upload it back to them, they got that part right.
What is a Patient Authorization form? I’ve never heard of this form. When I called them and placed the order, they confirmed they had all the information they needed, and I approved them charging my card… wouldn’t one think that is “patient authorization”?
Has anyone else heard of this “Patient Authorization” form?
Sometimes I feel Edgepark, like Liberty Medical, just makes up things to make being diabetic even more difficult.
Thanks for letting me vent.

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First line, meant to say Dexcom transmitter, not sensor.


I agree they should have requested this when you were on the phone with them the first time.

It also would have made sense for them to point you to this website rather then just dumping the form in the US Mail.

Hopefully it was just a rep having a bad day and not a pattern.


Thank you for the link Tim35!! That’s a big help.

I’ve downloaded the form. Next I’ll complete and upload it, hopefully getting my order back in motion.


BTW - I couldn’t tell if you were joking.
(Edgepark now owns Liberty Medical)

Ha! I did not mean to joke, I did not know Edgepark owns Liberty Medical! Well, I guess one could say, “At least they’re consistent.”

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You might do yourself a favor and try Byram. I have used both. I switched everything over to Byram because they have been so much easier to deal with.

There was a thread about it a while ago, Byram versus Edgepark. Seemed like Byram was the clear favorite.


Edwards has been most excellent with securing and re-ordering Libre CGM

Could not ask for better really

Classic Edgepark! Completely not communicating that something is required before your order ships and just waiting for you to wonder what is up and contact them. Who cares if you really need those supplies on time?

I unfortunately am stuck with Edgepark due to BCBS of NC having an exclusive deal with them for pump and CGM supplies. Even though my insurance is through another state, it still goes by this states BCBS plan.

I actually had great service with Liberty, but now that they’ve been bought out and I’m dealing with Edgepark - VERY disappointed. I have to call them this Monday to see if they processed my order and, if not, I’m going to switch to Byram. Edgepark seems to be way more concerned with talking at you than with listening to you. I had to answer the same questions multiple times and when I said “didn’t I just answer that?” the reply was that “I have to hear you answer each one of these questions and check off that I actually heard you answer,” said in a very rude voice. I don’t have much hope for good service from Edgepark.

I had my first dealings with both Edgepark and Edwards over the last month. The former made me want to gouge out my eyes, while the latter is, so far, slow but steady. Hopefully I’ll get my Libre before Christmas! Lol