Edgepark - problems with the supplier of infusion sets

Our doctor recently suggested we switch to Sure-T infusion sets (Medtronics) for our 7 year old son. As I was placing an order for these with our supplier(Edgepark) they asked which size cannula (6 or 9 mm) we wanted. My guess would be we would want the smallest, but I pulled out a box of our Quick sets to see what size they were. They were 9mm. Turns out 4 years ago, April 2006, we received our 1st order from Edgepark for infusion sets which were 23' Quiksets with a 6mm cannula. (In the past we had used Medtronics, but insurance required us to use Edgepark.) 3 months later, July 2006, our next order arrived and somehow got switched to 9mm, which we didn't request or notice when the order came. So we have been using the wrong size for almost 4 years!!!!!

This all came to light after a 1/2 hour call with Edgepark today. The Edgepark rep agreed with me saying, that 9mm would be way to big for such a young child to use. We had so many problems with bent cannula tips over the years. We knew we had to be missing some of his basal on numerous occasions. Today my husband also realized that the fixed prime is also probably different. We have always been doing a .3 fixed prime. A 9mm requires a .5, so my son was missing a lot of his basal with each set change. Some of his are as low as .1/hour. Also, we've wondered on many occassions when we've done a set change due to him being high, why wasn't he coming down very fast. We would change the set and gave him a correction but not always come down. Now we know he was always missing the initial .2 correction. It makes me sick to think how many times we had to change his set due to bent tips and how many times he missed corrections too due to their error.

This isn't their only mistake. It's just the only one I didn't catch because it wasn't so obvious. We have been sent reservoirs for 7xx series pumps even though he uses 5xx series. We've also received infusion sets with 46" tubing even though we've always used 23". He only has a 21" waist.

We are trying to gather up information to give our insurance company a reason to let us switch back to Medtronics. Has any one else had problems with Edgepark? Don't you think this should be reason enough from our insurance company to allow us to change to Edgepark?

I was forced to use Edgepark a few years back by insurance. I complained continually for several months, and finally asked insurance if I could use someone else. Of course, was their answer. Well, thanks for telling me! I was pissed off. Edgepark would send me the wrong supplies constantly, and then blame it on me for not knowing what I was using.

Call your insurance company and DEMAND you be able to use someone else. There is no exucse for Edgepark’s incompetance, and its sad to know that 5 years later, they’re still a bunch of idiots.