Educational Web Casts

A friend of mine in the States works for a company that produces educational web casts on a variety of different health/disease topics. Patient Power is where patients can go to read, hear and see a variety of stories and gather information on just about any disease or medical issue you can think of. The site states that they are “Supported by America’s Top Medical Centers”. What I thought was interesting is that they have over 1000 patient stories. Those of us who read blogs/websites daily (I have about 10 that I read consistently), know the feeling of having confirmation from another person who is going through the same situation as you or your family member are experiencing.

The site itself seems very user friendly. You can search by topic, date, expert or sponsor. I went to do a search on Diabetes and was taken back by how many topics they have to choose from. The Diabetes page has quite a few web casts. Take a look, some may be of interest to you.

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