Eeeeeeeeeeevil SuFu

Had to blog about this one. I was making lunch for my son and he wanted a fruit cup. So pulled the lid off, got a bunch of the juice on my hand and realized that I hadn’t practical joked my wife in way too long. So I grabbed a trial meter a company sent to me, lanced right through the juice and tested. It came back SUPER high, higher than when I was in DKA at diagnosis. I called my wife over and showed her the meter. I really shouldn’t do this to a 27-week pregnant but her face was GREAT! I started laughing right away and told her what was going on. I got punched and kicked but it was soooo worth it!

You are BAAAAD!

oh thats so funny. i’ll have to remember that one. is there a way to make it v low?

If I done that to my husband…Let’s just say the hospital wouldn’t have enough bandages! LOL! MEANIE!!! LOL! (On a side note it is funny though! LOL)