EEEK! 3 Positive at home tests... going to OB tomorrow @ 10:40am to confirm

A little on the "unplanned" side... Last a1c was 6.7... I am breaking the news to the hubby tonight! Oh gosh I'm so anxious!

Congrats! Hope that it goes well with the hubby. I wouldn’t worry about the A1c – that’s not bad at all and you can get it lower quickly with the added motivation that a little one gives!

Have you called your endo yet?

Kristina I am so very happy for you! That’s fantastic! And I wouldn’t worry too much bout ur 6.7 ur not very far off target. Just now u have great reasons to work hard and bring it down. Congratulations to you and ur hubby!!!

I did call my endo… I had to leave a message and when I didn’t get a call back… I called the reception number and found out she left at noon. :frowning: I also sent her an email. I’ll try again tomorrow… She’s usually really good about responding. When I called the receptionist, she told me I needed to first call the OB/GYN and the next step would be to see the endo. This is all new to me… so I have no idea what I’m doing. All I know is that I’ll know more tomorrow. :slight_smile:

Great, glad that you will see both! Hope that all goes well!