Effects of protein

Guys can i know if proteins have side effect??

Are you referring to blood glucose response to protein?

You need to give more detail of what you're trying to get answered.

That said, the term, "side effect" really doesn't apply to a nutrient like protein.

Does protein affect diabetes? Yes. As a rough rule-of-thumb, about half the weight of protein in a meal is converted to glucose under normal metabolic circumstances, but this occurs very slowly (over 3-6+ hours after eating), so generally it can be ignored when calculating insulin doses.

However, there are some who also account for protein and fat in calculating insulin dosing, then use a combination bolus on a pump to deliver an insulin spike for the carbs, and a long, flat continuous delivery for the carbs and fat over several hours. This is called TAG, and there is a group here for tagging that you might want to check out.

Other than the safe-to-ignore impact on BG, there's nothing else I can think of w.r.t. diabetes that is notable about protein.

Thanks alot for ur info