Egg-less Low Carb Breakfast Ideas?

Another article: Press Releases Since I have Celiac Disease and cannot eat gluten, rice on a long term basis is of great concern.

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Here is an excellent website that lists the top 20 low carb breakfasts. This is a great link for several recipes. Hoe this helps you out.

I don’t worry about reports like that.


Kroger/Fred Meyers makes a low carb yogurt, 4g. I have that with bacon or sausage.
Cottage cheese is also low carb high protein. I mix it with fruit, but that might mess up your low carb option. Both of these give me pretty steady numbers.

fresh mozza with SF jam, almond milk shake, bullet-proof coffee, sliced fried tomato with breakfast meat, cheese, cold-cuts, ground flax seed with hot water, sea salt and stevia, shredded celery root with spices…

In the US we tend to think breakfast foods need to either be sweet (cereal, pancakes… carby stuff) or animal-based (sausage, yogurt, eggs). How about vegetables?! An olive oil saute of lots of spinach and onions, a little tomato, and maybe some tofu for protein is a great breakfast! Super healthy, has some good unsaturated fat from the oil, lots of fiber and vitamins from the spinach (vitamin K, vitamin A, manganese, folate, magnesium, iron, copper, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, vitamin E, calcium, potassium, and vitamin C). And unless you start your day with a serious workout you probably do not need the amount of protein found in meat.


Years ago, we were in NYC for the weekend and went to a trendy spot for breakfast. I ordered a cheese omelet, and it came with a side of the most wonderful green salad, perfectly dressed in a lemon vinaigrette. I do this all the time at home now, salad for breakfast!

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Miso soup is a fairly common breakfast food in Japan. It’s often (usually?) paired with rice but there’s no reason you’d have to have rice with it. You can get many different varieties of miso, including gluten-free and even soy-free (made with aduki beans, for example).

If you aren’t able to find miso nearby, or if you don’t like it, go ahead and try whatever kind of soup you like!

When I eat miso soup for breakfast (which has been less frequent of late, but now I think I’ll start it up again!), I add carrots, garlic, ginger and tofu. I like making it with some stock as a base as well as adding miso paste to it because I love extra salty food; I use whatever stock-cubes I have in the cupboard.


when we visited Hawaii I saw lots of Japanese having miso soup for breakfast, it was a staple on the breakfast buffets.

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I guess you could make up an extra plate of your evening meal and microwave it up for breakfast.
Miso soup is an excellent idea, love that stuff.