Eggs sizzzzzling

Outside it is a mere 26 degrees inside it is 16 having heart and circulation problems makes it difficult to move and breeze normally in the heat I managed to toddle into the back garden that was an adventure in it’s self not to steady on my feet the ground seems to want to kiss my head I know I love mother nature but come on I am 64,smudge is taking cover under the chair she has been sun bathing all morning come on girl I shout cool saucer of water here she pricks up her ears meows and goes back to resting even too hot for a cat to walk 10 feet to get a drink.

My Angel put some water out for the birds before she went to work,have to loof after our feathery friends blue sky with will of the whisp white clouds floating by,remids me of merrange lemon hmmmm,nearly said yummy yummy well I just did cast my mind back to December when it was so cold our pipes burst,now look where we are you could fry an egg on the patio floor it is so hot like mine poached but the water would run away.

Last week I had blood tests and the nurse told us we will be getting a full report in writing in the next few weeks right now I feel light headed drinking lots of water but getting up and down a bit of a problem,miss my walk down the lane leading to Ironbridge to be honest miss walking anywhere legs really aching it is like the start of cramp but enough about my woes on such a lovely day God is in his Heaven he knows where I am so a nice happy day to everyone