Electric Company bringing in "smart meters" sounds like trouble?

So for the last few years our power company here in Maine has been working on bringing a "smart meter" to the state of Maine. These save the company money because no one has to drive out to the house to read the meter. The meter sends out an RF signal to the power company for things such as usage info. A long time ago I read a report that said these device can "interfere" with the rf signal of an insulin pump. So I had called and been put on the "opt out" list, now I get a letter saying they are ready to install them and if I wish to stay "opted out" there will be a charge of $20 month. So the big question is has anyone had any pump issues related to one of these new electrical meters? Of course the CGM also works with RF..... Thanks for any input.

Ours sends it to the street.
No, it doesnt affect anything else but the thing is pretty stupid because if the workers dont stand there long enough to get a reading they will end up with nothing and whine to the office that it isnt working (when it is).
I frankly would not pay extra money to opt out, unless you really want to.
Here they let me put the readings on a card and tape the card in my window, just to prevent the whining and inaccurate readings.

No....same concept as why cordless phones, cell phones and wireless routers do not interfere with your pump or CGM.

Smart Meter RF signals don't interfere with pumps and CGMs.

I'd try it before I'd pay extra $$$. There are other situations where I've used the pump gizmos without turning off the CGM and it doesn't seem to have affected the pump or CGM or the airplane anything else?

I've been in a building with one and haven't noticed any interference. There are so many of these signals flying around everywhere you go (between cell phones, WiFi, etc) that if there was a problem, I think we'd all know it by now :-/