EMERGENCY nighscout help needed

I’m at work and no facebok access.

My Loop and Xdrip+ on android are updating just fine but I can’t get any data all of a sudden in my Nightscout which I keep open in a separate browser window!


I went into admin tools and did delete all documents but that didn’t help.

Nothing has changed at all and was working just fine earlier today.

Any ideas?

UPDATE: Pump and loop seem to be updating now but not BG readings. Again, they are fine on my iPhone looping app as well as Xdrip+ on my Android. Just not in Nightscout page.

Still having problems?

I wonder if this is related to the Dexcom outage that started last evening and has not completely resolved yet. I’m still without access to Dexcom Clarity.

I think it is. it started to work for awhile but didn’t come back up until sometime today 8/24. What happened exactly ? Do they know?

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Terry is referring to work on the servers that Dexcom is doing, I think.

There was a scheduled maintenance outage that I got an alert about in advance, but there was also an unscheduled outage on August 22, maybe 24 hrs ahead of the scheduled one. Seems like it was geographically limited. Some areas weren’t out at all, but here on the East Coast Clarity/Share was down for about six hours starting around 4 a.m.

So glad it’s over. That was a nightmare. Couldn’t get share data on my watch, my Android nor my nightscout!

Hey, BradP. Have you done any sensor restarts yet? There’s a discussion going here: The dread G6 session-restart block is here

Just caught up on it. What a great discussion! I miss how Xdrip+ was just automatic. Loop is so different! But it’s nice to get Dexcom and clarity back yet have it feed nightscout and xdrip and my watch, so I’m happy.

That was a yucky outage. Glad its over.